Aaron Jones

Aaron Jones.

Lead Developer.

What do you do at Toast?

I am in charge of leading the larger web projects in the Toast digital department. I am here to ensure that all projects are meeting Toast’s high standards and we’re following the latest and best practices. I have a strong development background and love being challenged so I will likely be working on the advanced functionality for your project(s).

Another big job for me at Toast is to continually develop, release and support a variety of different WordPress extensions/plugins. These plugins have benefited 1000s of websites built on the WordPress platform; you can see our full work here.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Toast?

There’s always something interesting going on with our projects, and I love getting stuck in and solving our client’s problems. Whether that is improving procedures or boosting sales through a revamp. I love making an impact!

What do you like doing outside of Toast?

If I am not on my couch at the weekends watching football, I will probably be at the local sports centre playing 5 a side, running down the wing for Broughton & North Newington FC or at Villa Park watching us win the league. Yes, you guessed it, I am a massive football fan.