Dave Foreman Montage
David Foreman

David Foreman.

Managing Director.

What do you do at Toast?

I’m MD at Toast, so as well as getting involved in creative projects, I also manage the business and direction of Toast. I also lead the digital department, looking after our website and digital marketing clients.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Toast?

Back in ’97 when I co-founded Toast with Chris and Mark, we were a fresh-faced startup, full of ideas and potential. Twenty years on, we’re in the top 100 agencies in the UK (based on fee income) and we continue to grow. The best thing about working at Toast is being able to grow continually and develop, both as people and as a business. We’ve built up an awesome team here; everyone is very passionate about what they do. I try to steer Toast as far away from being a ‘regular’ business as possible; year-on-year growth for the last two decades suggests that’s the way to keep it.

What do you like doing outside of Toast?

Outside of Toast, I work on various pro-bono projects for charities and NFPs and a range of other shiz. As well as a graphic design and WordPress developer, I also work as an illustrator and have worked on side projects with international clients and charities. I’m also kept busy keeping two teenagers functioning, not getting out on the bike enough, renovating an old cottage, drawing and constantly thinking about stuff.