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Annual Report design and artwork.

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Designing an Annual Report

The client.

The Elton John AIDS Foundation was established in 1992 and is one of the world’s leading independent AIDS organisations. The Foundation harnesses local expertise across four continents to challenge discrimination, prevent infections and provide treatment for the most vulnerable groups, as well as mobilising governments to end AIDS.

Designing an Annual Report.

Following on the from the well received annual review Toast created, the Elton John AIDS Foundation approached us to create their annual report. This progression from the annual review was prompted by the organisation’s restructuring. The result is the creation of this full, 62 page annual report. The report aims to promote the Foundation’s good work, whilst maintaining the brand as set out in the brand guidelines.

The Design Work of The Elton John Aids Founation Annual Report

Online interactive version.

During recent uncertain times, it was important to provide the annual report in an assessable digital format.

As well as a PDF format, an interactive annual report was created to be viewed online.

The benefit of this format is that no specialist apps or plug-ins are required. The report contains visually rich elements, like the interactive map design and animated charts. What’s more, this format can be shared easily on social media.

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Designing an Annual Report layout
Interactive PDF

The content.

As with most annual reports, the front section contains information about what the organisation has been doing.

Facts and figures are highlighted, but real-life case studies from partnerships and schemes set up by the organisation are also included.

The end section contains the tables and figures for financial reporting.

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Designing interactive annual reports