Nature of Work book design.

Book design for an inspirational business publication.

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The Nature of Work book design

The client.

‘Nature of Work’ is written by Paul Miller, CEO and Founder of Digital Workplace Group (DWG), and Shimrit Janes, DWG’s Director of Knowledge. The book draws on patterns from the natural world to provide change-makers with the language and questions to evolve their workplaces from organisations to organisms.

Book design.

DWG approached Toast to create a ‘coffee table’ style book that would illustrate the authors’ vision.

‘Nature of Work’ is not only a perfect bound, hard backed printed book, it’s also a downloadable ebook available in various digital formats. There’s also a website, designed and created to promote the book.

Nature of Work book design
Book design

The format.

The brief was to create a visually stunning book design, something a reader would want to keep and display.

We selected a unique size to help with the overall look and feel. A perfect bound, hard-backed print format is an ideal way to enhance the feel of quality and prestige.

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Nature of Work book cover

The design.

The book is visually rich, with the content displayed in a clear complementary format.

We designed the page layouts to make the best use of the stunning images, which were carefully chosen to link to the book’s narrative.

We also created icons for the three different types of ‘key points’ that were used throughout the book.

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Nature of Work book

Digital formats.

The book comes in various digital formats:

  • Kindle version – now available online
  • ePub version for Apple devices
  • Full PDF version with password protect
  • Excerpt PDF version with watermark
  • Accessible version for e-readers

There’s also a website for marketing and online orders.

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Nature of Work book layout

The promotion.

Once we sent the final artwork to print, we started work on the various marketing materials for the book’s promotion and launch.

These include:

  • Social media banners – LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram
  • Powerpoint template
  • Bookmark
  • Podcast banner
  • Email footer
  • Pull-up banner
  • Website design
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Book design layouts