Elton John AIDS Foundation Brand Book.

Designing a bold and compassionate brand guidelines brochure for Elton John AIDS Foundation.

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Elton John AIDS Foundation


The UK arm of The Elton John AIDS Foundation needed help on how to consistently brand marketing materials. After approaching Toast, both organisations worked together to define what was needed in order to create a unique brand guidelines brochure, primarily aimed at internal marketing teams, that were easy to follow, understand and implement.


We designed the brand guidelines brochure to be bold and reflect the brands core values, while also being inspirational and empowering.


Using bold typography, striking colour pallets and layered imagery, we created a modern style for the Elton John’s Charity Brand Guidelines Brochure. The publication contained guidelines for logo usage, fonts, and a brand checklist so anyone working on a project can easily check they are ‘on brand’.

With the creation of the brand book, marketers are now able to produce materials that have a consistent style and brand across all platforms.

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Branding brochure design
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A typographic approach was used to carry important messages throughout the brochure. With large and overlaid text applied to the page design depending on layout and images used. The result was an Elton John Brand Guidelines Brochure that embodied the brand as much as it advised and guided staff and suppliers on using the brand.

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Elton John Brochure Design example