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Naming & Branding a New Architects Practice

Creating Branding & Naming for Brink Architects

Branding & Naming Architects Brink Business Card


To create the name and brand identity for a new modern architectural practice. Branding & Naming Architects is a great project for us to deliver as there are similar working processes and common ground between creative professionals.


The first phase was to hold a branding workshop to define a name and overall direction for the new brand. Once this workshop was completed the name was agreed and a design brief was created.


Initial sketches were playfully designed around the concept of being on the edge. This concept was developed further into a bold logo which could then be applied to stationery and other materials.

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Project Team

Branding & Naming Architects Brink Architects Stationery


Designs for a letterhead and business cards were created using the sliced off corner from the logo as a visual reference. To add a premium feel to the cards, a raised spot gloss was applied, giving the card nice contrasting textures. 

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Branding & Naming Architects Brink Architects Concepts

Branded items

Colour options were explored and the final logo files created ready for use digitally in applications such as Word and Powerpoint.

We also worked closely with Brink to create a bespoke ‘title block’ which needed to be inserted into their CAD program. This is used on all architectural plans so needed to work at a range of sizes.

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Branding & Naming Architects Brink Architects Signage and Communications
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