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From simple templates to complete powerpoint presentations, we are the Powerpoint designer for you.

Powerpoint design.

Most people are not PowerPoint template designers, but there’s a good chance you’ve battled with PowerPoint at some point.

Not the most intuitive of software, PowerPoint can pose some difficulties when creating presentations that align with your branding and identity.

Luckily, our designers have a lot of experience when it comes to creative PowerPoint (PPT) design – and we can help you!

Powerpoint designer examples
Powerpoint designer examples 2
Powerpoint design example

Keeping PowerPoint in check.

Company PowerPoint presentations are a regular part of pitching and winning new business. It’s, therefore, crucial that they don’t look awful (something that PowerPoint does well).

Keeping your presentations on-brand and in line with the rest of your visual identity makes you look more professional.

A good PowerPoint template will help you save time and money when putting together presentations. This is why you need a Powerpoint designer!

We can work with you to create the following:

  • Cover page PowerPoint template – the all-important front page that usually sits there on the screen for a while before the presentation starts – this is one slide that has to look spot-on.

  • Introduction/index template – a summary of the content of the presentation

  • A range of template slides to use for content – it’s best not to overdo it when it comes to the layout of the content slides. It’s much better to have a few with consistent layouts than a different layout for each slide.

  • Animations and transitions – again, PowerPoint makes it easy to overdo it here – with so many options for transitions and animation, it’s best to keep it simple.

Powerpoint designer examples
Powerpoint design examples
PPT designer examples template

We can design all your templates.

From a simple PowerPoint cover slide to a whole range of templates for ongoing use, we can design and supply you with a range of PowerPoint templates to meet all your needs.

We generally design a default presentation that you can then edit to meet your needs – duplicating or deleting slides as required.

You’ll find that having a go-to template for PowerPoint saves you a lot of time when you’re putting a presentation together – investing in having your PowerPoint templates professionally designed pays for itself in no time.

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Powerpoint designer examples
Powerpoint design examples
Powerpoint designer examples

Reusable slides.

There’s little point in having a professional PowerPoint design created if it then becomes problematic to use.

The PowerPoint templates our PowerPoint designer creates for you are made with the end-user in mind, so creating a full Powerpoint presentation from our design templates takes minutes.

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Powerpoint designer examples
Powerpoint designer examples
Powerpoint designer examples

Additional assets.

Powerpoint presentations often contain additional assets over and above images and basic text.

We can also design charts, graphs, icon sets and other slide content that forms a central library of content for you to drop into slides and populate with your own data.

Fonts can also be an issue if the PowerPoint design template is to be used by a team, so we ensure that all the fonts we use on the PowerPoint designs are publically available to your entire team so there’s no issue with people using different fonts, taking the slide design off-brand.

Although Microsoft does provide some tools for a do-it-yourself approach to PowerPoint, but they don’t offer the broad range of skills that a professional PowerPoint designer can bring to the project – which includes all the other assets you might want to include on your PowerPoint presentation template.

More than just a PowerPoint designer. Our team of creatives don’t just design PPT slides, we work on branding projects, brochures and reports and websites, so we bring all this experience into the design of your PowerPoint template.

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Powerpoint designer examples
Powerpoint designer examples
Powerpoint designer examples

PowerPoint Design FAQs.

How many slides do we design?

As many as needed! Some clients we work with only need a few templates, whereas others need full libraries to use across a range of PowerPoint presentations.

How long does the process take?

Smaller projects can be turned around within a few working days. Larger projects can take several weeks to complete, again, this depends on the complexity of the project.

Do I need existing branding?

No, but it does help. If you’ve not got a logo, then this will need to be created first. If you have a basic logo and other marketing collateral, we can design your PPT templates to work with your existing design work.

Can you follow my other marketing material?

Yes. The more existing marketing collateral you have, the easier it is to design a set of PowerPoint templates that work with your existing materials. We’ll keep everything on brand.

Do you provide design ideas?

We’ll create some initial design ideas for your slides and make suggestions about what we think will work best. We usually work on a single slide initially and work from there.

What is included in the charges?

The design of your slides from your supplied content. If you need additional content such as illustrations, multiple photos, an icons library or other certain feature requests, these may need to be looked at separately.

How many design ideas do we produce?

This depends on the brief, budget and complexity of the project. If you already have a clear design idea or graphic direction that you want to follow, we may produce only one original slide design. If you are starting from scratch, we’ll produce more.

Can you do future updates?

Yes. Powerpoint designs often have various layouts and version control is often required, but we can take care of all of that.

Can I get PPT design as part of a subscription?

Yes, we offer design subscription services that cover this type of project. If you have a larger requirement for slide design, this is probably for you.