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From simple templates to complete powerpoint presentations, we are the Powerpoint template designer for you.

Do you need to improve your powerpoint templates?

Most people are not a powerpoint template designer, but there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve done battle with PowerPoint at some point. 

Not the most intuitive of software, it can pose some difficulties when trying to create presentations that are in line with your branding and identity.

Luckily, our designers have a lot of experience when it comes to creative PowerPoint (PPT) design – and we can help you!

Power Point designers

Keeping PowerPoint in check

Company presentations are a regular part of pitching and winning new business. It’s therefore crucial that they don’t look awful (something that PowerPoint does well).

Keeping your presentations on-brand and in line with the rest of your visual identity makes you look more professional.

A good PowerPoint template will help you save time and money when putting together presentations.

We can work with you to create the following:

  • Cover page template – the all-important front page that usually sits there on screen for a while before the presentation starts – this is one slide that has to look spot-on
  • Introduction/index template – a summary of the content of the presentation
  • A range of template slides to use for content – it’s best not to overdo it when it comes to the layout of the content slides. It’s much better to have a few with consistent layouts than having a different layout for each slide
  • Animations and transitions – again, PowerPoint makes it easy to overdo it here – with so many options for transitions and animation, it’s best to keep it simple

Power Point design

We can design all your templates

From a simple cover slide to a whole range of templates for ongoing use, we can design and supply you with a range of PowerPoint templates to meet all your needs.

We generally design a default presentation that you can then edit to meet your needs – duplicating and deleting slides as required.

You’ll find that having a go-to template for PowerPoint saves you a lot of time when you’re putting a presentation together – investing in having your PowerPoint templates professionally designed pays for itself in no time.



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