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If you run a business, your Social Media accounts are probably never too far from mind, but do you know exactly what you should be doing on Social Media?

As it’s so easy to use, many businesses opt for a publish-and-pray approach to Social Media Marketing.

Regular posting will obviously keep your accounts up-to-date, but if you’re constantly posting the same thing or forever pushing a sales pitch, it can simply end up being a waste of time.

Choose your channel.

With so many social media accounts to potentially manage, choosing the channel that’s going to work best for your product or service is essential.

We can help you identify where to invest more (time/money) and where to invest less.

We can also help you identify which channels you should be managing yourself and which ones we can help with.

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Make it effective.

Social Media is as much a time-thief for marketers as it is in your personal social life.

It’s all too easy to see the mega-brands making it look easy, but the truth is that the jury is still out on the ROI of social media.

Often seen as a necessary evil in our marketing toolkits, to be effective, your Social Media Marketing needs to be integrated to make it effective.

Make your SMM more effective

This is as much advertising as it is publishing.

Businesses often have large advertising budgets for print and traditional media, but very limited spend available when it comes to the new digital channels.

We approach Social Media Marketing as mini advertising campaigns.

And the more creative and clever an advert, the higher the product/service recall and engagement.

We believe that it’s far better to post less, but make sure what you post is amazing and integrated into all the touch-points your potential new client may have with your brand.

Social Media Marketing cannot exist in isolation – it needs to be joined-up with your website and other off-line marketing channels to really work.

The anatomy of a tweet or post is far greater than simply the content of the post – it’s about everything else you have lined up behind it.

Sounds complicated? It is. And for good reason.

Social media is much more cost-effective in terms of reach than more traditional forms of media.

Whereas it can cost anywhere up to £50 to reach 1000 people with something like direct mail, these costs can come down to less than £2.50 per 1000 with social media channels.

The problem here is that the lower cost makes it much easier to do, and often, when things are easy, they are not done properly.

It’s all about expectations.

Choosing the best SM channel comes down to your product or service and the lifetime value of a new customer.

If a new customer spends £10,000 with you, you’re going to want to have a different campaign to those that might only spend £2.99 with you.

The reality with Social Media is that expectations are often set too high versus the amount of work/spend put in.

You simply can’t spend £75 per month and expect 100s of new customers. It does not work like that.

We’ll be honest.

There are many Social Media marketing companies and individuals out there that will all-too-quickly try and sign you up to a monthly fee.

This is great, but we guarantee you are not going to get much more than regular activity on your account from this type of approach.

This may be fine, but if you’re not getting the sales or conversions, is there much point in it?

What we can do for you.

There’s really no such thing as an off-the-shelf package for Social Media marketing.

Our clients all have unique requirements, so we build bespoke SMM packages to meet their needs and budgets.

We can help you with the following across single or multiple channels:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Account creation and branding
  • Content creation and publishing
  • Research and Analysis
  • Consultancy
  • Monitoring
  • Campaign Management
  • Integration

What you get each month is simply down to your budget.

You can start small and grow slowly over time with a smaller monthly spend, or ramp things up and have lots of work done each month.

We always recommend starting slowly, exploring what works (and what doesn’t) and then building from there once a model has been created that proves a return on your investment.

It’s more than just social.

As mentioned previously, any SMM campaign needs to be integrated into other marketing tools such as your website, whitepaper, blogs and videos – this is not just about a five-minute post on Facebook – it’s about a campaign.