Stategy and Consultancy

Strategy & Consultancy

Get your strategy right from the start, and set the foundations for success, whatever the goal and whatever the channel.

Here at Toast, we like to help our customers achieve their goals and sometimes this means helping to identify or define them. We combine our years of experience with our professional ability to consult and take an objective or impartial view of your business challenge, marketing goals or your brands performance and create a strategy to resolve them. We achieve this through either 1-1 consultancy or through a range of workshops.

1-1 Consultancy

If you need some help but don’t require one of our defined workshops we can provide a 1-1 consultative process with face to face meeting at our office or via telephone/skype. This type of meeting is best to establish a quick overview and investigate if a workshop is needed or if the creative requirement is clearly defined.

So why have a workshop?

Everyone can benefit from support at one stage or another. Your needs will be unique to you and your situation, but a solution will be available via one of our comprehensive range of workshops. Our workshops for up to 8 people at a time are carried out at Toast HQ, and consist of 4 stages:

  1. Research – Review & Research undertaken before workshop
  2. Investigation – Interviews & Workshop
  3. Development – Research & Investigation during and after workshop
  4. Delivery – Final brand document created after workshop.

Working with Toast Design has been great.

I approached them with nothing but an idea to start a drinks company. We worked together in building the brand I now have today.

That’s everything from the company name, logo, what the bottle and packaging would look like, the website, and all marketing materials.

They were professional, a joy to work with, and most importantly, the work they produced is excellent.

If anyone is in the same position as I was, and is looking for a partner to help build their brand, I’d recommend Toast.

Daniel Jones

Brand Workshop results

Our Brand, marketing strategy and digital workshops can cover any aspect of the marketing process.

Integrated workshops

Creative brief/Briefing workshop

We will work with you to establish a clearly defined and agreed foundation from which to build any and all creative materials.

We will identify the who, what, where and why of the requirement and through actively challenging your requirement we will be able to create a creative brief that any designer could use to create the materials required, whether that is new brand, a new brochure or website.

Branding Workshop

Some good brands have developed by chance, but the great brands haven’t.

Behind every great brand is an even greater brand strategy, carefully guiding and constantly adapting to the world around it.

We work alongside our clients, matching their passion for their product with our passion for design. A well-designed brand can often be one of the most valuable assets a company can own, but like all assets, it needs to be appreciated and valued.

Naming workshop

In this workshop we go beyond the who, what, where and why and investigate the core values, the competitors, features and benefits and examine both implicit and explicit deliverables of the brand or product/service.

Only once we truly understand the naming requirement do we start to outline potential solutions that are then discussed, challenged and shortlisted for testing.

Only the most commercially viable names are shortlisted and reviewed until the best possible name is agreed.   

Digital strategy

Website audit

We never recommend embarking on any digital marketing strategy without first putting your site through a full technical and SEO audit.

How well your site is built, your on page SEO and your hosting environment all have impact on your placement in the search.

We think it’s best to get your site in tip-top condition before you start spending budget on digitial marketing.

SEO Strategy

Planning is a crucial part of your SEO strategy. Without it, you can end up chasing costly rankings that don’t actually convert for you.

We can help you to research, understand, plan and implement your SEO strategy effectively so you see quick returns on your investment.

Website planning

Having an effective website must firstly be about understanding your visitors, what they are looking for, and how you can best serve them online.

Our website planning workshops will facilitate site plans, including site maps, user journeys, calls-to-action and landing pages.

A well-planned site will convert more visitors into enquiries and eventual customers.


So why use Toast?

Toast will work with you from day one to establish a vision of your brand, product or service that means something, not an arbitrary statement that can be mistaken for anyone else or a glib reference that inspires no one.

Through a process of investigation and research including workshops & creative brainstorming, we will develop an initial understanding that will challenge preconceptions and established the fact.

It is only at this point that a branding strategy can be truly considered and developed. Only when you have the vision and the visual toolkit can you start to build the brand and apply it to the marketing challenges you face.

Once we have helped to build a brand for you, we will speak to you about creating brand guidelines, to help ensure all your hard work isn’t undone.

If you are interested in how our brand strategy workshop could work for you, it’s best to have a brief chat though your requirements. You can give us a call on 01295 266644 or get in touch below.