North West Hydrogen Alliance

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North West Hydrogen Alliance Logo

About this project.

We worked in conjunction with a large PR agency to develop the logo, website and various supporting assets for the NWHA consultation and launch.

Logo and branding work.

Whilst the initial project centred around the design of a logo for the project, it expanded into additional areas to form a larger branding project, taking in the website, video, infographics and other elements.

Cohesive branding.

As our client was able to place every part of the project with Toast, we helped to ensure deadlines were met and there was a consistent style applied to every aspect of the marketing and promotional materials.

Services provided



Map design

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Project Team

North West Hydrogen Alliance Logo
North West Hydrogen Alliance Logo

Logo variations.

With any logo we create, planning out what the final logo will be used on and how it might be used generates logo variants that give the final design flexibility to be used across a wide range of media.

Growth Optimise is a digital business, so it was crucial that the logo was able to work in different colourways and sizes.

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North West Hydrogen Alliance Logo
North West Hydrogen Alliance Logo

Additional design elements.


Our logo and visual identity work were used across various materials including a short explainer video.


As well as completing the logo and branding aspects of the project, we also designed and built a bespoke WordPress site for the startup.

North West Hydrogen Alliance Website

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