Creating a logo for a new online based media library.

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We were asked to create a simple and memorable logo for Dubtunes – an online media and music repository.


Our client was keen to have a logo designed that would work as a highly recognisable icon design across social media channels and video. We explored the options of using the D and B from the business name to create the overall design for the icon and picking out the word Dub.


The final logo design was created with both a text-based and icon-based element, allowing the two to be used separately as required.

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Logo variations.

We created different formats for the logo to allow it to be used effectively across different media types and available space.

A simple three-colour palette was used to create strong contrast and legibility.


We also helped our client visualise just how the logo might be used across a range of marketing and promotional collateral.


As the website serves-up video media, it was crucial that the logo could be animated to create intro and outro sequences to brand video content.

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