Yes Please move from WIX to WP

Making your website more effective on WordPress.

Yes Please website design

Yes Please website design

Yes Please website design

Moving a website from Wix to WordPress.

Wix has its uses, but if you want an effective, optimised and SEO-friendly website, there’s no better platform than WordPress.

We helped the creative team, and Yes Please migrate their site from Wix to WordPress, improving the speed, performance and SEO.

  • Site Migration
  • We retained the existing URL structure for SEO improvements
  • Custom-built portfolio sections and blogs
  • SEO-ready for ongoing ranking improvements

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Yes Please website design

Yes Please website design

Moving a site to WordPress.

It’s amazing just how many hours your can burn trying to make online website tools work for you.

Throw in poor optimisation, SEO and structure and you have a site that’s not going to surface in the search.

Moving your site to WordPress can improve every aspect of it and make it easier to manage moving forward.

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