Reinventing the design of Middlesex FA Annual Review.

Kicking off new creative for the Football Association.

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Football association report design example


To turn Middlesex FA’s annual review into a visually appealing information and marketing document.


Using mood boards and sketched concepts a design direction was established. Concept layouts were then created before being worked up into more polished visuals which then formed the design template for the rest of the annual review.


Toast created a 24 page annual report using a mixture of bold graphics, pull quotes, infographics and large images. The design, although new, still considered Middlesex FA’s corporate colours and fonts.

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football association report design example

Contents page.

The contents page was structured as a typical 4-3-3 football formation to make the information visually appealing.

Our client allowed us to explore different creative options for the design of otherwise ‘normal’ pages, which led overall to a more creative report.

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report design for football association

Annual Review.

Large quotes and images were used to make the design really stand out.

A strong bank of images also allowed us to get more creative with the text pages of the review and use engaging images of real people to tell the FA’s story.

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Football association report design
Annual Report Designers


Infographic designs were used throughout the report to highlight certain facts and statistics.

Designing custom infographics rather than using stock images created a unique and consistent creative feel for the report.

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Infographic design examples for report