Creating Full Circle Events’ eBrochure.

An e-brochure for an events and exhibitions specialist.

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e-brochure design example


Full Circle Events knew they needed an interactive digital brochure, rather than the traditional leaflet or flyer, to promote their wide range of services in a quick, cost-effective and accessible format.


Full Circle Events briefed Toast on what they needed and it was identified that a PDF ebrochure format would be the best solution for them.


After defining and confirming format and size, the ebrochure was designed to be on brand and visually engaging. Internal, external links and navigation were added giving the content extra functionality. Templates were then created so that the sales team could amend and tailor future messaging to specific clients and events.

e-brochure example design

Visibility and usability.

The ebrochure was created in the PDF format as this can be viewed and used by the majority of clients using mobile devices and tablets.

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Internal and external links were added to help with navigation within the ebrochure.

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