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Creating a new magazine for BERA.

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The client.

The British Educational Research Association (BERA) is a world-renowned research organisation. Their mission is to advance education research and foster engagement with it. BERA aims to inform education policy and practice. Above all they promote the best evidence from educational research.

Magazine creation.

BERA approached Toast to take over the design of their magazine, Research Intelligence. So, as we’re experienced in magazine design, we were enthusiastic to take on RI. The magazine’s look was about to receive an update following a rebrand so it was the ideal time to step aboard.

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RI is a lively and engaging publication.

But it must keep to the house style while making each section different enough to stay fresh. Magazine creation requires a balance. For example, RI has a strong grid structure and a need to maintain a robust brand identity.

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Consequently, we enhanced the grid and structure of RI, making best use of the baseline grid for a neat and tidy text layout.

In addition, we ensure every issue offers plenty of scope for illustrative imagery.

RI is available to BERA members both in print and as a digital interactive PDF. In addition to hyperlinks to research cited in every article, there are internal page links and bookmarks. So to keep track of these, we use a custom workspace in our design software. Most importantly, this ensures that the relevant settings are always on screen as we work.

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magazine design example


A vital tool in this project is the use of colour, and BERA has an excellent brand palette.

So, we make full use of this to add variety from issue to issue. Moreover, each edition carries a theme for a significant number of pages.

We apply a couple of the colours to only the themed section and alter them from issue to issue. As a result, RI balances consistency and creativity in an engaging publication.

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