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SaaS Magazine Design

The client.

FE International is a market-leading mergers and acquisitions advisor. They specialise in content-led, e-commerce and SaaS businesses.

SaaS stands for software as a service, a business sector that has certainly boomed in recent years. Therefore FE International launched SaaS Mag. SaaS Mag is aimed at the multi-faceted SaaS community. Most importantly, the magazine profiles SaaS founders and their companies. In addition, it offers insights for shrewd investors and keen start-ups alike.

SaaS Magazine design.

It’s a lively and enthusiastic sector, so the design must reflect this dynamism. It’s led by in-depth interviews. But the readership needs detailed information as well as an overview of the market. As a result, SaaS Mag features full financial reports as well as market summaries.

SaaS Magazine design (covers)


Talking to many different readers means the design has to be considered.

Because it serves many audiences, SaaS Mag must accommodate different types of articles. So even the facts-and-figures sections have to be engaging for this vibrant community.

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Consequently, we approached the SaaS Magazine design with a standard layout grid.

We created this grid to be flexible. A strong selection of complementary typefaces aided this approach.

Therefore, we could have open, loose layouts for the features and interviews. And the vertical columns in the grid serve the analyses and report sections well.

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SaaS Mag is therefore divided into clear sections.

These are visually differentiated but, most importantly, recognisable as SaaS Mag. Moreover, like the best magazines, it’s distinctive and authoritative.

As a result, it’s a design that embodies its target audience.

The client approved and said: “Thanks so much, it all looks great! We really appreciate your good ideas and great design work.”

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