Interactive brochure designs.

Making Hanson Wade’s event guides come alive through interactivity.

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To add an extra dimension to Hanson Wade’s existing digital brochures and make them more accessible to their audiences on a range of different platforms, they needed a fresh approach to their Interactive brochures.


Toast used software that enabled animation and interactive elements, bringing the brochures to life.


Toast created the interactive brochures using existing design templates, saving cost in creating these while maintaining the design style and content. The content was then animated and clickable links were added. Video and sound bites were inserted to give a richer experience.

Once complete, code was provided to enable the embedding of the brochure into their website page. The brochure can also be shared via social media, downloaded and viewed full screen on all devices without the need of any plugins. Basic stats are also provided on the amount of views each brochure receives.

Interactive brochure design

Flexible Viewing.

Readers can view the interactive brochures on their tablet, computer or phone without the need for third-party plugins.

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Interactive brochure design

Benefits of interactive brochures.

  • Add that extra wow factor
  • Animate elements highlight a key message
  • Insert movie clips
  • Insert links
  • Embed the brochure into your website
  • Share via social media
  • Download a PDF version
  • Basic stats are provided on views
  • No 3rd party software is required to view
  • Works on mobile and tablets
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Interactive brochure design example