The Grown Up Chocolate Company.

Created innovative chocolate branding to help get products into high street shops.

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Design work for Grown yup Chocolate company


The key idea behind the Grown Up Chocolate Company is to create chocolate bars that are reminiscent of the chocolate bars we ate as children but with an adult twist. When the Grown Up Chocolate Company approached Toast, they had a fantastic product, unique and great tasting. But in order for them to fulfil their products potential, it needed innovative chocolate branding, to help them to get stocked in the right places and purchased.


We started at the strategy and positioning stage, looking at the concept, key messaging and brand structure, before moving onto concept and styling. We created a strong brand identity for The Grown Up Chocolate Company and the strapline “Nice try kid, but it’s not for you” that helped to position the concept behind the bars, the images showing kids pretending to be grown-ups in order to eat the chocolate and the became the foundation for everything moving forward.


We created designs that centred on the core benefit of the product – a delectable hand-made chocolate experience that you haven’t felt since you were a child and receiving chocolate as a gift or treat. The branding for The Grown Up Chocolate Company has been hugely successful for the business, allowing their bars to get stocked in their target retailers, noticed by customers and purchased. It’s a testament to the strong original concept and the brand styling of this concept that allows The Grown Up Chocolate Company to go from strength to strength.

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