Hook Norton Brewery Website.

WooCommerce website.

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Hook Norton Website Design

Building a multi-functional website for an independent brewery.

Hook Norton Brewery asked Toast to redesign and build a brand-new marketing site.

 Custom-built WordPress theme and WooCommerce

 Responsive design

 Premium plugins for security

 Age gate

 Event booking

 Ongoing support & SEO assistance

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Hook Norton Brewery Web designers

Using WordPress as a marketing and sales tool.

As well as selling beers and products on the site, Hooky also offer tours of their brewery and membership options.

We also added a pub finder so visitors to the site could find a local Hooky pub to sample their unique beers.

The site has been built so that the marketing team at Hooky can manage all the day-to-day aspects of editing content with a minimal requirement to put in support requests.

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Premium functionality.

Here at Toast, we own developer licences for many premium plugins that add solid and reliable functionality to our client’s websites. Hooky’s site benefits from these plugins to add a lot of functionality that would have significantly to the budget if they’d had to source and purchase them all themselves.

WooCommerce Hosting

Busy WooCommerce sites do put a strain on hosting, so we host this site on one of our dedicated WordPress servers to ensure the site is fast to load and really stable.

Ongoing support & SEO

We always suggest that clients have some form of ongoing support or maintenance contract for WooCommerce sites as the themes and plugin configurations can get quite complex.