Website audit.

Website Audit

If you manage a website, we can show you exactly how well it’s been built.

Get your FREE website audit to find out exactly how good your site is.

Whether your site has just been launched or is a few years old, a website audit will show you how well it’s been put together.

The quality of your site can directly affect your placement in the search engines and how your visitors interact with the website.

Website audit checklist.

When we audit your website, there are several areas that we look at. These include:

  • Website loading speed
  • The quality of the build
  • The quality of the site content
  • Required content (such as meta descriptions and ALT tags)
  • Broken stuff (images, links etc)

The final report will show you everything on your website that needs to be addressed – and we can help you sort it.

More than just an automated check.

Whilst we use Tools such as SEM Rush to check sites automatically, the results need some human interpretation.

All websites are different, and therefore we need to consider the results inline with your business, budget and online strategy to suggest the best way forward in fixing your site.

We often find that there are lots of small fixes that need doing on websites – the most common by far is missing ALT tags on images.

These fixes are simple and you can often fix these yourself – once we’ve shown you where they are.

SEO Audits.

Whilst we use Tools such as SEM Rush to check sites automatically, the results need some human interpretation.

Part of our site audit will also look at your SEO.

It’s important to make sure your site build and any errors are fixed before you embark on improving your SEO – if you don’t, your SEO efforts will the thwarted by the fact that Google (et al) will push you down in the ranks due to errors on your site.

How it works.

Our website audits follow the following process:

  1. The initial automated scan of your site (this is free)
  2. A full report on everything that needs addressing (this is also free)
  3. Our suggestions for what you need to do (again, free)

The next stages of the audit process include the work required to fix your website.

  1. The removal of false positives in the audit results (site audits might flag things as errors that are actually intentional, such as a no-index tag on a page for example)
  2. Fixing the easy stuff (missing meta descriptions, duplicate title tags, missing ALT tags)
  3. Addressing the site speed
  4. Fixing errors or problems with the site build
  5. Removing render-blocking resources (always a big issue with most sites)
  6. Editing the site content to be fully optimised
  7. On-page SEO

The above steps take time and should all be completed before you spend any serious money on SEO.

When everything is completed, we then run a second audit to show you how much has been fixed and a full SEO site audit to re-check all the content and SEO.

Our audits and subsequent fixes are all measurable.

When we first audit your site, it will get a score out of 100 (which will probably be around 50/100).

This is the baseline for the site. When we start to fix things, your score will improve.

When we’re done, we aim to get your site score as near to 100/100 as possible and we’ll show you the audits to prove it.

This means that you can be confident that your site has definitely been improved – you can see the results for yourself.

Fixed and remains fixed

Now that the hard work has been done to fix your site, you can opt to help keep it that way with weekly site audits, sent to you via email.

If you have several people working on site content, these rolling site audits are invaluable as you’ll be able to see if things have been missed or need adressing when they arise.