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We design and print leaflets – in all shapes and sizes, they’re our bread & butter.

Need some professionally designed leaflets?

Leaflet design needs to be on-brand and professionally thought out – get the best results from using experienced leaflet designers.

It’s very easy to see leaflet design and something that’s cheap and quick (you might be thinking about flyers), but we think it’s still important to make sure leaflets go through the full design process to make them as effective as possible.

At Toast, we generally define a leaflet as something with more than two printed pages but less than eight (that gets into brochure territory).

We love leaflets!

Leaflets are powerful little print projects that can work really hard as part of your marketing collateral.

We’ve designed and printed 100s of leaflets for a wide range of clients and can help you create an on-brand leaflet – whatever the purpose.

It’s all about the creative.

As they are generally smaller projects (typically 2-4 pages or a 6 page DL) it’s crucial that your leaflet design hits the mark.

This is where we come in! Our creative team can help you get the most out of your leaflet with some awesome creative!

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Leaflet Designers

An effective and cost-effective way to promote your business.

We see leaflets as mini brochures – it’s important to convey your key messages in a leaflet and to not try and get them to do too much.

As leaflets are more cost-effective to produce than brochures, they should be used as support materials for the rest of your sales collateral.

The design should focus on getting one or two key messages across to the recipient – your leaflet is an introduction to your product or service – it’s not going to be able to convey everything, and our leaflet designers can help you get this right.

If your leaflet design tries to do everything (such as introduce a product, explain its benefits and convey information about your business), you’re probably asking too much of this medium – you might be better considering a small brochure for this purpose.

Small Business Leaflet Design
Leaflet design process

We are professional leaflet designers.

If you opt for cheap online leaflet design templates or free leaflet design you really might as well not bother (in our opinion).

A badly designed and printed leaflet will achieve nothing.

Having your leaflets professionally designed will make them convert customers and an effective part of your marketing toolkit – they can drive people to your website or prompt them to contact you for more information.

Our leaflet designers will work through leaflet design ideas with you, working initially on paper to cover lots of options, we’ll share all the concepts with for selection and development to the next stage.

We’ll make sure your leaflet design is in line with your branding and visual identity guidelines.

Charity Leaflet Design
Leaflet Design Example

Making your leaflet work hard for your business.

You may well have 1000s of leaflets printed. If you have calls-to-action on the leaflet, it’s worth considering how these will work, and how you’re going to gauge effectiveness.

Obviously, your contact details will need to go on there – you’ve probably only one main phone number, so this will have to be used, but consider other options for digital contacts.

Using an email address on the leaflet that’s specifically for the campaign will identify when customers email you as a result of the leaflet.

You can also use a unique URL – www.yourdomain.com/offer – as an example. This way you can identify traffic to your site that has come from the campaign.

Hashtags can also be used that are specific to the leaflet, so #yourcampaign, for example, to generate tweets and posts as part of the campaign.

You can then tie responses generated from the leaflet into your website or social media.

This will help you work out just how effective your leaflet design has been.

DL Leaflet Design
Leaflet Designs

Why use Toast?

Unlike many of those online design competition sites, Toast is a creative team based in the UK.

  1. You’ll work directly with our experienced UK-based design team, all located in our studio in Oxfordshire (we don’t outsource or off-shore projects).
  2. You can speak directly to our design team (and we mean on the phone, not just email) – they’ll need to talk to you about what you need.
  3. You’ll get design concepts based on your objectives for the project rather than a selection of random designs. We use pads and pencils to scope-out initial designs so we cover a lot of creative ground quickly and share our thoughts – you are part of the design process.
  4. We have a clear charging structure and you don’t have to pay additional fees for services that are nothing to do with your project.

We are not cheap, but we won’t burn your bread.

As experienced leaflet designers, we’ll work with you from the initial planning of your content to concepts, the final leaflet design, production and fulfilment, we can help you with every stage of the process.

A quote from Toast for your leaflet design project will cost you nothing – just complete the form below and one of the team will get back to you.

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