Zanturi: designing a luxury brochure for Eadon Green’s latest supercar.

Designing a luxury brochure for the stunning, Eadon Green supercar – The Zanturi.

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Eadon Green Zanturi


The Zanturi, from British boutique car manufacturer Eadon Green, is the epitome of high-end auto design. An extremely limited build quantity means we were tasked with designing a luxury brochure for a highly select clientele. And as a Zanturi is individually built and styled to its owner’s personal specification, each one is unique.

Eadon Green is a manufacturer with a vision. Their mission is to create elegant artisan cars that combine a deep love of classic 1930s models with modern precision engineering. The design challenge for Toast was to balance those elements – modern and classic.

Felix Eaton, the founder of Eadon Green, also briefed us to include the background on how he came to create the company. This is relevant as Eadon Green seeks discerning buyers. It’s not enough to be able to afford a Zanturi – Felix seeks connoisseurs who share his commitment to perfection, beauty and refinement.

Our approach.

We began by creating stylescapes.

These are similar to moodboards, but built upon themes, with each stylescape combining colours, typography and imagery. This is a holistic approach that explores ideas of how the finished brochure might look. We created stylescapes that varied the balance of modern and classic appearance.

Felix’s feedback on the stylescapes enabled us to precisely meet his requirements in the final brochure. We arrived at a sophisticated, minimalist design that emphasises the more modern elements of the Zanturi.

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Eadon Green Brochure design
Eadon Green Brochure design
Eadon Green Brochure Design
Eadon Green Brochure design

The solution.

The Zanturi had to be the star of its own brochure.

We wanted to use large, full-spread imagery of the car so we kept the copy short and focussed. When designing a luxury brochure for a high net worth audience, less is more.

The brochure takes a prospective owner on a tour of the car. We start with detailed close ups, gradually revealing more as the pages turn, explaining the journey of creating your very own Zanturi. The ultimate reveal of the Zanturi is paired with just a single word: “Drive”.

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