The Motor Ombudsman.

Social media graphics for a Motor Ombudsman campaign.

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The client.

The Motor Ombudsman is the automotive dispute resolution body. Fully impartial, it’s the first Ombudsman to focus solely on the automotive sector. It self-regulates the UK motor industry through its Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI)-approved Codes of Practice.

Social media graphics.

The Motor Ombudsman approached us to create a range of digital assets to promote their ‘Right atyre‘ campaign. This consisted of animations, static images, web banners and social media graphics.

TMO webpage mock up
The Motor Ombudsman digital campaign

We appointed Toast to create an engaging social media campaign to communicate the importance of tyre safety and maintenance to motorists. After briefing them with a fairly complex campaign concept, and an overview of what we were looking to achieve, their creative team brought the project alive through a series of eye-catching concepts and animations, which have driven a high level of audience interaction across our social media channels. Toast were a pleasure to work with from start to finish, completed the work on time and on budget, and we look forward to working with them on future campaigns.

Vanessa Horsey
Marketing Manager, The Motor Ombudsman

The process.

The client briefed us on the campaign’s requirements and what they needed for the launch of the initiatives. The short animations had to state key messages clearly and promote the ‘Right atyre’ theme.

The next stage was to create storyboards. We outlined our ideas on how key messages could be displayed visually.

Following a discussion with the client, we amended the storyboards to incorporate their feedback. The result was final key stage visuals. After the client’s approval we began work on the animations.

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The right atyre campaign sketches
Atyre campaign visuals

The animations.

We created the animations working from the approved storyboards. We reviewed and revised them as we worked to ensure clarity. In addition, we tweaked timings for the viewer to absorb key facts in relation to tyre safety and maintenance.

In total we created three animations for the campaign. The Motor Ombudsman launched these over a period of time to promote key messages and raise their profile.

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