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We helped this luxury tea company to refresh its brand to move into new markets.

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English Garden Tea is a luxury tea brand and they asked Toast to refresh and revive it’s branding to allow them to grow the company and it’s product range.
The existing brand had served them well but the time had come to refine it further and allow it to engage  broader and more competitive markets.


When the Toast Team were first introduced to the existing brand (over a cup of tea) it was clear that a review was needed as some items were strong but others could work harder. Once the review was complete, the Toast branding team set about updating the existing logo, developing a new strapline as well as updating the packaging.


The new brand was then applied to a wide range of items from on-shelf shippers, individual tea bag sleeves as well as the tags tied to them. The overall effect was a much stronger and consistent brand that quietly implies the values that the company stands for and the qualities the clients demand.

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