Logo design experts.

Logo Design Experts

Need a logo? We’ll design you the perfect one for your business, product or service.

Need a logo designing?

We love logo design. With over two decades of experience, we consider ourselves logo design experts. We’ve designed a wide range of logos for every type of business.

Professional logo design.

It’s important to remember that your logo is not your brand – it’s just part of it.

Once you’ve decided on your company name, logo design is usually the next thing on your list of things to get done.

As logo design experts, there are two main types of logo projects that we work on.

The first is just that – a logo. We can work with you to design and create a logo for your business, product, or service.

Our logo projects start with design research, mood boards, initial concepts, design development and the final artwork of your logo in every format that you’ll need.

The second type of logo project we work on is more involved. We’d generally refer to this as a branding project.

The difference between logo design and branding is that the latter usually takes in other aspects of identity design – from naming and straplines to images, tone-of-voice, colours, fonts, images, packaging, social media and so on.

Branding touches on pretty much every part of your visual communication.

Logo design does what it says on the tin.

Invest in your logo by using logo design experts to create it.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, it’s worth investing in getting your logo right from the get-go.

Whereas your website or printed materials (such as brochure design) can change as your business grows, your logo really is something that should remain consistent – which is why working with logo design experts is a must.

Your logo is one of the main recognisable elements of your business, so ideally you don’t want to change it.

Imagine working hard to develop your company for 12 months – the quality of your product or service gets noticed – people start to talk about you and share your posts across social media.

All this good publicity gets embedded into your logo.

From day one, your logo design is an empty vessel. It means nothing to anyone, but as your business grows, all the positive stuff you do begins to get directly associated with your logo.

When you’ve worked hard to win customers, awards and exposure, a swift change of logo (if not managed properly) can quickly undo all the hard work.

This is why it’s important to get it right from day one.

And it’s also why there’s no such thing as a free or cheap logo design – you get what you pay for, and early mistakes can be costly (both in terms of time and money) to rectify later on.

How much should logo design cost?

At Toast, we’ve worked with many different kinds of businesses, all at different stages of growth.

There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to logo design projects; likewise, there isn’t a design cost set in stone.

If you are considering a new logo design (we also do rebranding), we’ll ask you some initial questions to ascertain exactly where you are and where you want to be.

From this initial briefing, we can then suggest the best way in which we can help you and provide indicative costs.

While there are many websites where you can get your logo designed cheaply, its importance to the success of your business means it really is worth investing some budget and working with a team of logo design experts to get the job done properly.