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Engaging and effective Marketing Collateral Design

Well designed and creative marketing materials can be an effective and powerful way of engaging with your target customer. At Toast, we’ve created a wide-range and varied amount of marketing materials over the last 19 years that help to promote and sell the services of our clients.

In the digital age, many brands are engaging with their target audiences online, via social media, email marketing or targeted SEO to attract visitors to their own websites, meaning now more than ever its essential to have control of your marketing collateral design. As a marketing agency, we know that professionally designed and printed marketing materials still play a vital role in communicating your businesses offering, key messages and standing out from the competition, this can be done by creating something engaging and tactile to take away.

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Here are some thoughts….

First impressions Count.

We believe that in a crowded market place it often takes simplicity to help your message stand out. Well thought out messaging, delivered in an elegant and clear way can create a feeling of confidence, building trust, value and dedication in your brand.

Think about different formats.

You don’t just have to stick to the traditional formats, there’s so much more than just A5 leaflets, although they do have their place. Think about doing something different to stand out from the crowd, it could be an unusual format or size, a bespoke mailer or making the most of the new printing techniques. We don’t just suggest doing this for the sake of it though, but by listening to the requirement, we make suggestions to ensure the outcomes fit the brief.

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What does your target audience want?

Identifying exactly who they are and how many types of customer you have is essential if you are going to improve your marketing. You can segment using demographic, geographic, and behavioural or any host of other factors but ultimately it’s most useful to use this information to reflect their needs and wants from your organisation, its products/services or brand. The more detail you have on your clients the better placed you are to respond to them with exactly what they want, how they want and when they want it. This is especially important when planning marketing activity, it can often guide you to decide on what format(s) is best. We can help with this.

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Toast are the perfect partner to help you whatever you want to achieve with your marketing activity, we listen to find out what your goals are and what requirements you have before suggesting what avenues you go down, every requirement is different from the next, therefore each solution should be unique. Our knowledgeable and experienced team are best placed to listen and guide you to ensure your marketing materials stand out and engage.

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