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We design and print professionally crafted business cards that your business will be proud of.

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Business cards are an essential part of your branding and overall corporate identity.

They are often overlooked or done ‘on the cheap’ just so you have some to use, but we think well-designed business cards are a very important part of your marketing toolkit.

Business Card Design
Business Card Design

Business cards done right.

Business cards might not seem overly critical, but they are often the first physical thing exchanged in business correspondence.

A well-designed business card leaves the right impression about your business and shows your potential customer that you take your branding seriously.

There are two main things to consider for the design of business cards:

  1. The artwork
  2. The production

Your business card is not just about what it looks like; the tactile elements of your business cards are equally important.

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Business Card Design
Business Card Design
Business Card Design
Business Card Design

Business card design.

Your business card is part of your corporate identity and should reflect this.

It is easy to hop on to some online design tool and throw together a business card design.

Still, people don’t often consider that because business cards are small, the amount of attention to design is paramount.

Typically a business card is 85mm x 55m in size, so that’s not a lot of room to play with in terms of the design, so it all needs to be carefully considered and laid out.

Automated online design tools simply don’t have the eye for detail that a professional designer has, which is why it’s best to get your business cards professionally designed.

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Business Card Design
Business Card Design
Business Card Design
Business Card Design

Business card production.

Don’t skimp on the production of your business cards.

You can have the best design out there, but if you cut corners on the production of your cards, it can cheapen them.

Good quality stock is required (at least 350gsm), and there are other things to consider in the finishing, such as:

  • Lamination
  • Embossing/Debossing
  • Spot varnishes
  • Foil blocking
  • Folding
  • Die-cutting

It should be pointed out that some of these processes render your business card non-recyclable, so this should be considered.

Due to the tactile nature of a business card, this small item can add some real equity to your brand if it’s produced well.

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Business Card Design
Business Card Design
Business Card Design
Business Card Design

The craft of card design.

There is a real art to designing an effective business card.

Business card design does tap into the true craft of graphic design.

As they are small, business card layouts can’t be calculated using automatic spacing and alignment tools in design apps.

Just like a logo, your business card design needs to be designed visually, and spacing, layout and sizing aspects must be balanced by eye.

Small issues in the layout of your card can never be unseen once noticed, so here at Toast, we really do use all our typographic and layout experience to get business cards properly designed.

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Business Card Design
Business Card Design
Business Card Design
Business Card Design

More examples of our business card designs.

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More than just cards.

Business cards are part of your corporate identity, and we can help you with all of it.

From simple style guides to complete visual identities and brand books, we help clients craft their identities across all collateral and channels.

If you need more than just a business card, talk to the team and we can have a chat about how we can help you with all things from Advertising to Websites.

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We think that business cards are still important. Even though meetings may have gone virtual, a well-designed and printed business card represents your business well!

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