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Catalogue design projects are large, complex and best placed with an agency that has experience in managing them.

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Catalogue design is far more than just creative.

Most catalogue projects we work on don’t start with the look and feel. They start with planning and ideas for the format, content and structure of the catalogue.

This is still creative work, but it is more focussed on making the catalogue more effective rather than simply designing it.

We’ve worked on large catalogue projects for clients including Kohler, Mere Bathrooms and Hines of Oxford.

Some of these catalogue projects come in at over 200 pages, so there’s far more to managing them than just having a great designer.


Catalogue design specialists

If you don’t plan, you’re going to hit problems.

We lead all catalogue design projects with a good dose of planning. 

You may want to change the size of your catalogue, make it easier to use or simply make it more cost-effective.

These types of challenge can’t be solved just by design. Our catalogue design experts can help you with the planning, formatting, indexing, page-optimisation (products-per-page), structure and layout of your catalogue before we start looking at design and artwork.

We’ll also talk to you about the objectives for your catalogue – is it sales tool to generate orders or should it increase enquiries via phone – the requirement for every catalogue we work on is different and your objectives should be hard-wired into the project brief.

Catalogue designers

An experienced catalogue design team.

Headed up by our Print Director Mark, our designers have the experience needed for working on large catalogue projects.

Sharp eyes for detail, ruthless organisation and a pragmatic approach are essential.

That’s Mark in a nutshell.


Catalogues need management AND creative talent.

Catalogue designers need to be able to balance both aspects of these projects – from managing large amounts of content that needs to be 100% accurate to designing a finished product that looks amazing.

We do both.

Experienced Artworking experts.

There’s little point planning and designing an amazing catalogue if the final press files are not up to scratch.

Experience in properly artworking large catalogues is crucial so the final printed item is spot on.

We’ve been doing this for over 20 years.

Catalogue Design example

Clever creative makes the difference.

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Catalogues serve as a one-stop solution for any organisation that sells a large range of different items or products that come in a variety of different specifications.

Creative design can be a challenge when there is often a lot of information (both text and data) to convey. This is where the creative experience we have at Toast really kicks-in.

The balance between the aesthetic and the information is often a fine one and a reason why you need more than just a regular print designer.

Catalogues are often used as directories or technical information – pairing this with professionally-shot images and a creative grid-based layout increases brand promise and adds value to the sales process.

Toast has helped companies that sell everything from plastic connectors, that come in every colour under the rainbow in nearly as many different sizes through to customer selling luxury products that have included designer bathrooms and kitchens to sports cars, jets and yachts.

Getting the balance correct between conveying the technical specification and the inherent benefits and features of the products or services is a hard-earned skill.

Update or from Scratch?

Is this a brand new catalogue or are we updating an existing one?

A. We always look to gain as much customer feedback as possible and find out what our clients’ customers liked, didn’t like or felt about previous catalogues.

This feedback extends to third-party users such as sales teams and marketing staff that may use a catalogue on a daily basis.

B. If it is new – we will want to fully understand what has changed to require the creation of the catalogue i.e. have sales processes changed? Has the product range suddenly grown etc?

Standalone or part of a pack/system?

How is the catalogue going to be used – is it handed to a customer or used to support the sales process by salespeople or other third-party.

a. Having a clear understanding of the personas of the users from the very beginning can ensure the structure and layout of the catalogue is easy to use and delivers the correct information to the right users at the right time.

Updated Annually or ad-hoc?

Is the product range fixed or is it likely to change or be updated in the near future?

a. Investigating formats at the beginning can ensure the catalogue is fit for purpose and can adapt to future changes or edits easily, avoiding unforeseen reprinting costs and delays

Catalogue Designers

Design Specialists

When creating a catalogue that may well be the first, last and enduring aspect of your brand in the eyes of your customer – it is essential that you get it right and work with a team that are specialists.

Since forming in 1997, Toast has worked on thousands of projects and created brochures and catalogues in every shape and format.

This experience allows us to bring more to the project than the design and artworking.

You’ll find us a proactive creative partner, full of ideas and solutions, we are not a team that you’ll need to spoonfeed.

Catalogue Design agency

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