WordPress Plugin Development

WordPress Plugin development

As well as designing and building websites, we also develop useful WordPress plugins.

Plugins are one of the things that make WordPress such a great content management system.

If you need some complex functionality on your WordPress website, there’s usually a free or relatively inexpensive plugin that will accomplish the task.

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Simple, easy-to-use plugins.

Plugins that do exactly what you need them to.

As we’ve designed and built 100s of WordPress websites, we know a thing or two about what can and can’t be easily achieved with plugins, and we’ve started to design and build our own to fix any gaps in the plugin market place.

Our plugins are built for developers and end-users alike, adding easy-to-manage functionality to your WordPress site without the need to know any HTML or Javascript.

They are also very lightweight, minimising any impact on page load.

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Scroll-triggered animations.

Scroll triggered animations plugin

Easily add scroll-triggered animations to your site to make your content pop!

This easy to use plugin allows you to quickly and easily add animations to your site’s content. 

Whether you want the content to fade in as it enters the browser window or slide in from the side, simply adding a CSS class to any

element on your site will apply the animation to the content.

This plugin requires very little technical knowledge and can be used in the theme files directly or within any page-builder.

The plugin includes all the popular styles of animation and will give your site extra pop!

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Logo and image slider.

Logo slider plugin

A no-nonsense and easy to use logo or image slider plugin for WordPress.

Over the years we’ve found that a lot of the logo or image slider plugins are either overly complicated or just plain clunky!

Our image or logo slider for WordPress is intuitive to use and really, really simple. This makes it perfect for developers and non-technical users alike to easily use the plugin on their websites.

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Custom plugin development.

Do you need a custom plugin developed for your website?

If you need some custom functionality for your website, we can develop a plugin specifically for your requirements.

Plugin development can be used to avoid adding too much functionality directly to your theme and keeps your site fast and easy to manage.