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We design and build fully custom e-commerce sites using WordPress and WooCommerce.

As WordPress experts, our natural choice when it comes to an e-commerce website is the mighty WooCommerce plugin.

Whether you already sell online or want to start, a WooCommerce-powered website makes the perfect platform. Packed with enterprise-level functionality straight out of the box, a WooCommerce website will give you a rock-solid platform to build your e-commerce empire.

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Get off to the right start.

E-commerce web development is about more than just your website theme and layout.

At Toast, we mould WooCommerce into the e-commerce platform that you need for your website – not one that you have to try and fit into, which means the sites we design and build meet your specific needs.

We’ll take your online store to the next level with custom functionality and a responsive theme built to match your requirements.

Stop battling with your e-commerce website. We’ll build you a customisable eCommerce platform that does everything you need!

As you grow, so can your website.

There’s no point in designing and building a Woocommerce website if you need to rethink the project in a few months’ time.

Your site needs a solid CMS and WooCommerce theme so you can concentrate on adding and promoting your goods without wondering if you’ll need something different later down the line.

WordPress and WooCommerce are infinitely customisable; your site can start with what you need today, and further development and functionality can be added as and when required.

This also makes WooCommcerce SEO for WordPress easier.

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WooCommerce experts!

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All the features and functionality you need.

Running a WooCommerce store can be complex.

You may have a range of physical items, variable products, payment gateways, subscriptions and other requirements specific to your business.

WooCommerce makes it easy to build this functionality by way of additional plugins or customised theme development.

If you have thousands of customers, you may also need options for how your WooCommerce site can process orders and use different payment gateways to provide a range of payment options for your customers.

This is often over and above the skillset of a WooCommerce web designer who just uses off-the-shelf themes for a project.

We have years of experience in both WooCommerce web design and build so can help you through all the planning and WooCommerce web design project stages.

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Moving to WooCommerce.

If you’ve already got an eCommerce website, we can help you migrate your current site to WooCommerce.

There’s often no need to start from scratch – we can migrate stores from Magento, OSCommerce, Prestashop, Shopify and many other popular systems. This can significantly reduce the cost of moving your site.

Automating the migration from your current platform to WooCommerce reduces costs, saves time and makes the whole process less stressful!

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WooCommerce FAQs.

Am I limited to a number of products?

No. A WooCommerce website can handle as many products and customers as you need, but the larger the site, the better the hosting environment will need to be.

Does WooCommerce have to follow a specific web design?

We design and build bespoke themes, so the web design elements of the project can be exactly as you need it to be. Your web designer will ensure it’s on brand and not simply a template.

What are the key features of WooCommerce?

It’s an enterprise-level e-commerce store so it does pretty much everything you would expect. thousands of sites use WooCommerce and it’s also a plugin that’s supported by thousands of plugins and resources.

Can WooCommerce be added to an existing WordPress website?

Yes – it’s a plugin, so if you have an existing WordPress site, there’s no need to start over, we can install WooCommerce and configure your online shop.

Is WooCommerce secure?

Out of the box it has high levels of security and this can be further enhanced with features like 2FA, secure passwords and a range of other security features you can find on any e-commerce store.

Can I have a completely custom WooCommerce web design?

Yes. We build everything bespoke, so rather than an off-the-shelf theme, we build everything from the ground up.

Can you build a site if we have our own website design?

Yes – although we design sites ourselves, we also provide a solution for build-only projects where we can work with your design examples.

Can WooCommerce handle a lot of sales?

This is more of a server issue than a plugin one, but there are extremely busy websites using WooCommerce. If you have thousands of customers, Woo can handle it.

This is more of a server issue than a plugin one, but there are extremely busy websites using WooCommerce. If you have thousands of customers, Woo can handle it.

Do you need to be a developer to manage WooCommerce?

No, the day-to-day management of online stores built with Woo are very easy to use. In fact, we make a point of building them so you rarely need to call us about stuff.

Will it work across multiple devices?

All the sites we build are fully responsive, so your WooCommerce website will work perfectly on any device.

Can WooCommerce handle complex products?

Yes. Your WooCommerce site will be able to handle simple products, variable products, subscriptions, physical products, digital products, product groups and composite products.

How do you modify a WooCommerce website design?

Carefully. A Woo website has many ‘hooks’ which we can use to modify the functions and layout of your WooCommerce web design project without compromising the plugin or preventing future updates.

How much does a WooCommerce web design cost?

From our experience, ecommerce websites have specific needs and take longer to complete than a standard website. We’ve worked on projects that range from around £2000 to over £20,000. A larger more complex project will require even larger budgets.

What is the difference between a WordPress website and WooCommerce?

WordPress is a content management system, whereas WooCommerce is a plugin that is installed onto the platform.

Is ecommerce hosting needed for an ecommerce website?

This really does depend on cost, how busy your online shop becomes, sales, orders and how customised the solution for your WooCommerce store becomes. We do recommend specialised WooCommerce hosting as it’s a customisable ecommerce platform that does require more hosting resources.

Why choose Toast?


We design and build exclusively on the WordPress and WooCommerce platforms.

From start-ups to grown-ups and everything in between, we’ve designed and built 100s of websites.

Everything we do is 100% bespoke. Our 15-strong team of designers, developers and marketers know how best to get you where you want to be.


Everything we design and build is done in-house. We’re based in Oxfordshire and work with people throughout the UK.

Our clients regularly visit our studio to meet the team and discuss their WooCommerce needs.

You’re more than welcome to pop in.


We don’t do fast and cheap. To sell online, you need the best platform, a team with the best ideas, and ongoing support.

From content marketing to SEO, branding, promotion and marketing, the Toast team can help you wherever you are on your e-commerce journey.