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Search engine optimisation

We can help you get your SEO (Search engine optimisation) right - we're a ROI-driven agency

Need to improve your SEO?

Search engine optimisation has become even more important over the last few years. With so many sites out there directly competing with yours and so many agencies willing to take your money, how do you choose what and where to invest?

We do SEO differently

We specialise in SEO for smaller businesses. If you’ve got £10,000 a month to spend, we’re not the agency for you.

Our approach to SEO starts and ends with content because you can’t optimise what isn’t there.

We’re also results driven – and that means enquiries and sales, not just whether you rank 25th today, and 23rd tomorrow.


SEO Services for small businesses

There are people out there looking for your product or service.

‘Normal’ SEO

If you need some help with optimising the content of your site – we can help.

We’ll run some tests on your site to make sure it’s built properly and do some keyword research to see what you currently rank for and where you’re placed.

We can then help you define a list of keywords to optimise your site for and make a start on the on-page SEO.

This process involves making sure all your content pages are optimised for the keyword (we use Yoast for WordPress sites) and checking things such as internal links, external links, backlink opportunities, images and every aspect of your page that can impact your SEO.

We can do this on a fixed number of pages, or work through your entire site – we’ll chat with you about what you need, provide a fixed-cost for the project and get started.

However, we do offer a slightly different approach to SEO that we think is far more transparent and results-driven.

We call this Searchworthy

Our approach to SEO is for businesses that want to get started with or improve the effectiveness of their SEO campaigns.

The process is as follows:

  • We identify an initial set of 12 keywords that you currently rank for (outside the top ten)
  • From these keywords, we’ll help you to identify what keywords will bring you conversions (as opposed to just visits)
  • We’ll then look at your site content as see if there are existing pages or posts that can rank for these keywords

Once done, we’ll audit your site to make sure it’s all built properly and is worthy of investment in SEO. 

There’s no point investing in SEO if, for example, your site takes seven seconds to load. That needs to be fixed first.

When your site is ready, we’ll move on to the next stages:

  • Current content optimisation (or new content production) for each of the keywords
  • Position tracking of the page (or post)
  • Refinement of the content based on the tracking
  • We’ll also look at the landing pages themselves to improve and increase conversions
  • Conversion tracking options – how do we identify when the page has been successful?

Check out Searchworthy here

Who does this service work best for?

If you’re a small business or haven’t embarked on any SEO before, then Searchworthy is a good starting place for you.

It’s broken down into small, manageable stages, so busy marketers or business owners don’t get swamped with too much information to process.

Initially, it works by looking at your 12 best potential keywords over a 12-month period – we know that doesn’t sound like many, but unless you’ve got full-time people to focus on it, it’s enough.

The whole point of our approach is to demonstrate what works and to bring you measurable returns as soon as possible.

We’ve spoken to an awful lot of people that spend on SEO but have no idea what they are getting for their money.

With Searchworthy, you get content, on-page SEO, site optimisation, and weekly reports to show you exactly what’s going on.

You can’t just publish and pray

The days of writing 350-word posts, as often as possible and hoping that you’re going to rank in the search are gone. 

Our pragmatic, measured approach to SEO will help you get more traffic and leads from the search engines.

For a free consultation about your SEO needs, complete the form below or call us on 01295 266644.

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