Retained Design Services.

Retained Creative Services

If you have a regular amount of creative requirement, we can work for you on a retained basis.

Get some retained creative support!

The way in which we buy-in design is changing. Many people now need on-demand creative services for ad-hoc projects and don’t want the continued hassle of having to get quote-after-quote for new projects.

If this is you, then our retained services may be just what you are looking for.

We’ve several ways in which we can provide you with a retained, affordable solution to your design outsourcing requirements.

Toast Time.

Toast Time allows you to pre-buy a number of hours of studio time to use as you need over 12 months.

Rather than quoting for jobs on an individual basis, you tell us what you need and we’ll do the work, taking the time off your available hours.

This has a huge advantage over traditional agency pricing as we charge in 15 minutes, rather than hourly blocks, so you don’t pay over the odds for smaller requests.

All requests can be made by phone, email or support ticket and you’ll be updated on progress as we go.

Most small tasks are completed same-day.

Get started

Creative retainers.

If you have a higher number of projects that need to be completed every month, a retained option may be better for you.

We’ll discuss your broad requirements for the next 3, 6 or 12 months and then work out a monthly retainer fee to cover the work.

Monthly retained work is billed to the minute, which again saves you budget and we’ll provide full reporting on requests and work completed in the month.

This approach is great for marketing individuals and teams that need to get the job done with a minimum of hassle.

Tell us about what you need
Leaflet Designers

Talented creatives on-hand when needed.

Freelancers are a great way of getting work done on a tight budget, but there’s one downside; they are often working alone.

There’s nothing more frustrating than needing a job urgently, only to find your usual designer is busy.

That doesn’t happen at Toast.

With 14 staff, there’s always someone on-hand to help you get things sorted.

We have eight full-time designers in the studio who can get started on your project right away, and we specialise in tight deadlines.

Bring the game over livery design

A flexible and sensible creative approach.

Not every design job is going to win awards.

In fact, the vast majority of projects that designers work on are what we call ‘bread and butter’.

This means you don’t want prima donnas or over-excited creative directors – you just want a talented designer who will listen to you and deliver without the need for spoon-feeding.

All the designers at Toast are experienced in handling projects end-to-end, so there are no account managers to slow the process, and nothing is lost in translation.

Give us a call, explain what you need and we’ll get to it.

Need something more?

We also know that some projects require a problem to be solved or require a little more strategic thinking. Toast Time and retained creative are not limited solely to the design team.

If you need some help with strategy, copywriting or any marketing-related task, the team at Toast can help you out – you just use your creative time for one of our other services.

This means we are here to help with some tasty creative output and you don’t need to go elsewhere for help with the other stuff.

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