Compassion UK report

Annual report brochure design and artwork

Compassion UK Brochure design

Our client.

Compassion is a leading children’s charity. At our heart is a relentless passion to act on our compassion and empower every child left vulnerable by poverty. Our approach to fighting poverty is highly focused and personal. It’s summed up in three simple words: Compassion for children. For 68 years, we’ve been giving children the opportunity to escape the suffering and fear poverty brings.

We’re right with you in believing every child matters. As these famous quotes about children show, kids deserve to be safe, fed, educated and empowered.

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Project Team

Compassion UK Brochure cover
Compassion UK Brochure spread
Compassion UK Brochure spread

Visually striking design.

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The studio loved working on this project due to the amazing images and content that Compassion supplied as part of the project.

Strong images, infographics and pull-quotes all make for a more striking final design and give reports much more personality.

Compassion UK Brochure spread
Compassion UK Brochure spread

Working with an existing visual identity.


Many of our clients have strong and established identities, so when a new report has to be published every year it can sometimes be challenging to create something new and fresh.

We work with clients to push boundaries and explore creative concepts that are all rooted firmly within the feel of existing marketing collateral to ensure that even though the brochure or report looks radically different, it still adheres to the core identity guidelines.

Compassion UK Brochure
Compassion UK Brochure spread

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