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Effective logo design should be the cornerstone of your brand.

Logo Design shouldn’t just be pretty; effective logo design should be well thought through and bespoke. Created with future growth in mind.

Here at Toast, we have developed our unique approach to creating the very best Logo design, clearly understanding where logo design finishes and Branding begins.

When we create a logo, it must stand on its own and still convey certain core values of its brand. We achieve this by truly understanding what the logo has to symbolise and the values it has to represent.

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Branding and Logo Design

Making you memorable with effective logo design.

It’s absolutely crucial that you love your logo. If you have a current logo design you’re not happy with or are a new business looking for a shiny new logo design, we can help.

Whether you need a simple text-based logo or are looking for something a little more complex, our designers will create something awesome.

Get in touch and one of our creatives will talk to you directly about what you need.

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Product Logo design concepts

Creative logo design process.

We have a team of eight designers who work across our logo design projects. We approach each project with initial brainstorming and research before we get creative.

All our logo design work starts with initial sketch concepts that we’ll share with you for comment and feedback – these initial stages mean we can explore lots of creative ground without burning through the budget.

  • Discovery – exploring the brief, target market, creative preferences, objectives and direction.
  • Concepts – loose, hand-drawn design concepts to cover a lot of ideas and give you more options to choose from.
  • Development – creative development of the strongest and most appropriate designs to a more polished form for final selection.
  • Artwork – Create your final logo files in every format you’ll need.
  • Application – Extend the logo project into branding and visual identity to ensure you have a consistent brand style.
  • Support – we’re always on hand to create additional marketing and promotional materials moving forward.
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Wide-ranging experience.

We work with a wide range of clients across many different sectors.

Our approach to logo projects always starts with a briefing document that outlines the objectives and deliverables for the project.

This takes in your target market, creative preferences and a range of other factors that all need to be considered to create an effective and appropriate logo design.

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So why use Toast to create your logo?

Toast has created bespoke logo designs for a diverse range of clients in a wide variety of sectors.

Our process takes in logo design research, mood boards and concepts.

Our creative team work on paper producing initial sketched-out designs for your logo before we get anywhere near the Macs.

We strongly believe in the craft of the design process and our designers’ ability to create something truly bespoke to your business.

The process that we follow means that every logo we create is built around the individual requirements of each client, we’re not template based which means we create logo designs that last.

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Whether you just need a logo designed or would like us to look at your full visual identity, our team will create the perfect logo for your business.

What do we charge?

There’s no one-size-fits-all charging structure for logo design projects.

For some clients we simply create a simple logo design, for others, the project is more in-depth and covers additional creative work.

Whatever your budget, we can work with you to design a logo that’s perfect for your business – our projects typically range from a few hundred pounds to several thousand – but this is based on each client’s unique requirements.

A logo design proposal from us is free and has no obligation, so whatever your objectives or budget, get in touch for an initial chat and a ballpark quote. If you’d like to talk the project through over the phone, call us on 01295 266644 and speak directly to one of our logo design team.

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