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Food Packaging Design Services

Creative and Functional Food Packaging Design

With more food brands coming into an already packed marketplace, shelf space has never been more at a premium.

Toast has worked with a wide range of food brands to help their products get stocked in the correct places and noticed by their target markets. Ensuring that key messages and benefits are clear across all formats.

We know that you may have the best tasting product out there, and lots of hard work can have gone into creating it, but if the consumer can’t find it because retailers won’t stock it, or it doesn’t communicate the right messages and it gets passed by, the opportunity is missed. Getting the design of your packaging right is pivotal to the success of your food product, you don’t always get a second chance to get it right.

Of course, it’s important that consideration is given to the drink packaging design, looking at transportation, storage, handling, opening/closing and disposal as no one wants a format that is costly to produce or fails in its basic function. However it’s not just about choosing the right packaging format for your product, what goes into the packaging, brand styling, messaging is vital as it’s what connects with the consumer.

Well-designed food packaging will help your products…

  • To be stocked in the right places.
  • To be seen on the shelf.
  • To engage shoppers
  • To communicate key messages and benefits
  • To help the consumer decide if it’s for them.
  • To close the sale.

 We can help

We have bags of experience in working with food brands to get their packaging right, from formats to brand styling. We’ve worked with smaller food brands with one or two products to larger businesses with multiple brands that cover lots of different food packaging types, in both instances brand consistency is vital.

One thing is common across all packaging projects that we work on, we listen to the requirements of the brand and product and use our knowledge and experience to create outcomes that work for that individual requirement, rather than applying a one size fits all approach.

What next?

If you’re looking to create new packaging designs for your brand or you’re looking to redesign an existing line, we’d love to hear from you. Get in touch today for a non-obligation chat and we can put a quote together for you.

All the best projects start with a conversation about your requirements, so give us a call on 01295 26 66 44 or click the link below to send us a message.