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Need your catalogue to work more effectively?

Even with all the technological advances associated with the internet, e-commerce websites and interactive brochures there is still a huge demand for well-designed and lovingly printed catalogues.

Catalogues serve as a one-stop solution for any organisation that sells a large range of different items or products that come in a variety of different specifications. Often used as a directory for technical information, some catalogues also employ beautiful photography to extend the companies brand promise and add value to the sales process.


Toast has helped companies that sell everything from plastic connectors, that come in every colour under the rainbow in nearly as many different sizes through to customer selling luxury products that have included designer bathrooms and kitchens to sports cars, jets and yachts. Getting the balance correct between conveying the technical specification and the inherent benefits and features of the products or services is a hard-earned skill.

Here at Toast we truly appreciate the impact that getting this balance wrong could have on sales and work closely with our clients to avoid getting this wrong.

Some ideas on catalogue design

We suggest the following points are considered when starting any catalogue project:

Update or from Scratch?

Is this a brand new catalogue or are we updating an existing one?

a. We always look to gain as much customer feedback as possible and find out what our clients’ customers liked, didn’t like or felt about previous catalogues. This feedback extends to third-party users such as sales teams and marketing staff that may use catalogue on a daily basis.
b. If it is new – we will want to fully understand what has changed to require the creation of the catalogue i.e. have sales processes changed? Has the product range suddenly grown etc?

Standalone or part of a pack/system?

How is the catalogue going to be used – is it handed to a customer or used to support the sales process by salespeople or other third-party.

a. Having a clear understanding of the personas of the users from the very beginning can ensure the structure and layout of the catalogue is easy to use and delivers the correct information to the right users at the right time.

Kohler brochure design sample

Updated Annually or ad-hoc?

Is the product range fixed or is it likely to change or be updated in the near future?

a. Investigating formats at the beginning can ensure the catalogue is fit for purpose and can adapt to future changes or edits easily, avoiding unforeseen reprinting costs and delays

Wilton Catalogue design by Toast

First impressions?

Make your catalogue stand out and make the right impression by creative use of formats and Finishes.
a. As catalogues are designed to be used more than a regular brochure its essential to create a solution that stands up to the regular usage. For example, ensuring that covers are made from a slightly more substantial stock can seriously extend the resistance to wear and tear.
b. As catalogues are often kept to hand and in view, it is worth investing in distinctive textures or finishes that include cloth wrapping, embossing, die cuts or special UV printing.

Design work


Design Specialists

When creating a catalogue that may well be the first, last and enduring aspect of your brand in the eyes of your customer – it is essential that you get it right and work with a team that are specialists. Since forming in 1997, Toast has worked on thousands of projects and created brochures and catalogues in every shape and format.

Wilton Catalogue Design Sketches by Toast Design

Our design specialists are experienced in delivering ever stage of the catalogue design process, from creating creative concepts through to delivering the printed item to your door.

If you have a catalogue that needs to work harder or need to create a brand new catalogue from scratch, talk to a catalogue design specialist and call us right now.

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