WordPress training

WordPress Training

If you manage a WordPress site, it can sometimes be a little tricky to manage without some professional WordPress training.

You might have, like many people, inherited the WordPress site from a colleague, or have started a new job where the website runs on WordPress. Without WordPress training, it can sometimes be a little confusing to manage!

The benefits of WordPress Training.

WordPress is not complicated, but unless you’ve had some form of training to use it, and have been shown where to go for what, it can be a little tricky.

  • Gain a better understanding of the WordPress platform
  • Learn about all the different options to manage the site
  • Find out what is and isn’t possible on your site
  • Discover how to manage content better
  • Same time (and money) by learning to work quicker and smarter in WordPress
  • Check your site and theme for updates and potential security risks
  • Develop a workflow to publish search engine optimised content

Get a better understanding of your WordPress website.

There are 1000s of ways to build a WordPress site. Some use off-the-shelf themes; others have bespoke development.

There is a multitude of different plugins available to enable the functionality your site needs to run – all of these need to be configured correctly.

Without WordPress training, the site and plugins can seem incredibly complicated when you first come to use them.

Is your site actually working for you?

There’s a big difference between developing a WordPress site and managing one. If your site has been built well, you should be able to manage most of the content yourself.

If you are finding it difficult to manage the content, or simply battling with the WYSIWYG editor, there’s a good chance that while you might have a great looking site, it’s not been built with you in mind.

Your site should be designed and built to match what you want to do with it.

Making things fit for purpose.

As part of our WordPress training, we’ll audit your site and find out where it could be improved. This will give you a better understanding of what you are working with, and will identify areas that need to be improved.

We’ve never looked at a WordPress site that couldn’t benefit from a little fine-tuning.

In turn, this will ensure that all the hard work you are putting into managing the site and producing content gets you a return.

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Do you need WordPress training?

If you are finding your current WordPress site frustrating, then it’s worth investing in WordPress Training.

Before we book you up for training we’ll ask you some questions and take a look at your site to discover:

  • If we think your site is built well enough
  • Exactly what you want to put into the site and what you expect to get out of it
  • How well your site scores in various speed and efficiency tests
  • Where you rank for related Keywords and how much traffic your site is getting

Many WordPress sites we look at are not built overly well. This can lead to difficulties managing them and can have serious effects on where your site ranks in the search results.

Before you embark on any WordPress training or long-term digital marketing strategy, it’s important to understand what you’ve got, and what needs to be improved.

Our WordPress training is 100% bespoke – if you’d like us to get in touch to discuss your requirements click the link below.