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Based in the centre of Banbury, Oxfordshire, we work with B2B companies to improve their digital marketing.

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Your website and digital marketing should be an ongoing process; it’s not something that you can ‘set and forget’. Marketing in the digital realm needs to be reviewed often and continually tweaked to increase performance and conversations.

Before you embark on any digital marketing campaign, it’s crucially important to make sure you review your current digital assets, how they are managed and how successful they are.

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Digital Marketing Review.

If you’ve already got a current site, you’ll need to make sure that it’s built properly and is optimised for converting. It’s a good idea to run a range of simple tests on your site and other digital channels.

  • Google Page Speed Insights will give you an overall score for your site on desktop and mobile devices. It runs a simple red, amber and green report that highlights any issues with your website that you need to address (I pretty much guarantee it’s going to flag ‘render-blocking resources’ as a problem with your site – we can help you fix this).
  • Google Analytics will is an absolute must for your site. Not only will it give you data about your visitors, but it will also help to show you what content you’ve got that’s working hard.
  • A Pingdom speed test will also show you how quickly your site loads and help to identify where problems might be occurring.
  • SEM Rush will show you data on where you rank for what, and more importantly, who else is going for the keywords you’re going to build your digital marketing campaign around.
  • If your current site is quite large, spidering it will give you a report on all the content so you can see the actual extent of what you’re working with – it will also highlight any issues regarding page titles and content length.
  • An SEO report is also worthwhile – are any images missing ALT tags, do you have H1, H2 and H3 tags on all your copy?
  • Review your social media channels. Are they working? Is social media digital marketing the best platform for your product or service?
  • Check out your site hosting – are you on a budget plan? Could your time to the first byte be improved?

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Digital Marketing

Planning your digital marketing.

We always recommend making sure all new business won from your digital marketing efforts is easily identifiable. Being able to identify the return on investment makes digital marketers very popular.

There is a wide range of options out there to help you plan and measure success; from simple free apps right up to something like Hubspot, which will allow you to automate lots of stuff.

In it’s most basic form, your digital marketing plan should contain the following:

  • Your current sales conversion rates; how many new leads result in a sale?
  • Target Personas. Who are you going to be targeting and why? What are their drivers for seeking out your services?
  • Keywords. What do they use to find you? Are they narrow terms or broader, more competitive ones?
  • Content. Do you have the content for pages or posts on your site to rank well for the keywords you’ve identified? If not, you’ll need a content plan.
  • Landing pages and calls to action. Is your site geared-up to connect with a potential client landing on a particular page? Are there clear signs of what they should do next when they do?
  • Downloads. Having something on your site that is relevant to the search and provides something of use will encourage downloads (in return for their email address)
  • Mailing Lists – do you have something that’s worth signing up to? Prospects don’t like to receive ‘sales pitch’ emails all the time.
  • Do you use a CRM to capture leads and nurture them through the sales process? People are not often in a position to ‘buy today’, so how are you going to capture your contact and remain top-of-mind when they are?
  • Conversion tracking. If I was on your site three months ago and downloaded a PDF, do you know if I ever returned? Have I been back ten times in the last week and are worthy of a warm sales call?

We can help you plan everything, wherever you are in the process, just get in touch.

Tying all your digital marketing together.

At Toast, we work with busy marketers who know their time isn’t best-spent crunching numbers, setting up workflows and doing keyword research.

We’re a full-service digital agency that does everything in-house and under one roof. 

From desk-based research to keyword planning and beyond, we can help you maximise your digital footprint and win more business through your online channels.

We’ll help you to work out what’s best to start with, identify what has the most impact and plan campaigns around what works best for you.

Digital Marketing is a journey, and whether you’re just starting out or established online, we can work with you to get the most out of your website and digital marketing.

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