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Who is visiting my website while I’m on holiday?

I don’t know about you but I never quite manage to fully relax on holiday.

There’s always the fear that you’re missing business whilst sunning yourself and if you’re not responding to opportunities this week, then where is your business coming from next month? Just who is visiting my website while I am away?  

In fact, taking a holiday can be seriously bad for your health (your business’ anyway)!

It would be more comforting it be if you knew back in the office that it was business as usual? Well, we at Toast have found a way to manage this minor marvel in the form of HubSpot.

Among its many talents, HubSpot can be used to manage and respond to all online inbound information requests whilst running multiple outbound email campaigns. These can be focused on different targeted audiences, against pre-defined parameters and at different times during your holiday. Not bad for starters.

HubSpot works by consolidating all your marketing messages for all of your online marketing channels, (social media, website and email campaigns), allowing a common message across all channels. It then allows you to set up automated campaigns around these messages. Having done the work once, new campaigns are easily and quickly set up using the already provided information. New campaigns now take hours to prepare, not weeks and cost far less.

Campaigns can be prepared and stored in HubSpot to be launched at a predefined time allowing your campaigns to continue whilst you are enjoying the scenery. Comprehensive analytics monitor activity meaning you know what’s working and what’s not, so you can quickly adapt your programme to ensure you get the most from your activities. Statistics can even be sent to your email so you know what is being achieved in your absence. So you do get to know who has stopped by while you were away.

At Toast we believe that when coupling the strength of HubSpot with properly designed collateral, including your website and your branding message, you can generate more new leads for less effort than a conventional cold calling campaign. Visit our website to find out more.

So whilst you are sipping your beer by the pool, cruising along the coast, or whatever you get up to on holiday, you can relax in the knowledge that your online business is taking care of itself and you are not missing any opportunities.

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