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Content planning

It’s very easy to get all excited about the prospect of a new website, but content planning comes first.

There’s no point having a website if no one can find it. Getting found is now far more involved than adding a few generic keywords to your site and proper meta descriptions.

Content is king, and without good content, no one will find your site. That is why we now offer content workshops to help our clients best plan what is going on the website. 

We can work with your current content or help you to produce new stuff with a focus on:

  • Key messages and personas
  • Focus Keywords
  • Correct meta data
  • Site journeys for prospects to follow
  • Information architecture
  • Blogging topics and calendar
  • Calls-to-action with fulfilment landing pages
  • And much more!

Whilst all our web projects involve a certain amount of content management – clients who have taken our content workshops as an additional service have really valued it.


Content planning

They recognise that doing the workshop before any design work has started really helps steer the rest of process, including the site build and all the SEO.

It’s a worthwhile investment if you want a website that really works hard for you rather than a prettier version of the one you already have.

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