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Web design agency

Wonderfully crafted WordPress websites.

We plan, design, build and support hard-working websites that win our clients new business. All our sites are bespoke builds and do exactly what you need. Our projects range from smaller brochure-style sites all the way up to large corporate websites.

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Website planning.

A poorly planned website will get you nowhere. Our projects focus heavily on the planning stages to create websites that rank highly and convert visitors.

Whether you have an existing site to replace or are starting fresh, we’ll help you plan your site properly.

This takes in site structure, keywords, gap analysis and more.



Personas and user journeys.

Knowing your visitors and what they are looking for on your site improves conversion rates, so don’t guess.

Exploring your visitor personas, what they need and how they will get there is a crucial stage in any website project.

We can help you create a site that makes sense to your audience.



Website project:


Large corporate website for STH Live built on a bespoke WordPress theme with WooCommerce integration.

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STH Live Website Design

It’s all about the content.

Undisputedly the most important part of your website, your site’s content needs to be well thought-out and optimised.

From text and images to videos, white papers and other assets, we’ll help you devise the best content structure for your site.

Ultimately, killer content will bring higher numbers of visitors, more backlinks and higher conversions.



Wireframing, IA & UX.

We use industry best-practice to plan out the structure of your sites pages and user experience.

All our sites start out as sketches and wireframes, exploring what’s going where and how best to make your site user-friendly.

For live sites, we can team this up with some user testing and heatmaps to gain real insight into how your site is being used.

Website project:


Bespoke product-based website for Lexacom – world leaders in dictation software.

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Lexacom Website design

Creative design.

All website design should be visitor-focussed. Yes, it needs to be on-brand, and yes, it needs to look professional – no web agency worth their salt is going to deliver you a poorly-designed site.

We encourage our clients to work to customer-focused design and not personal preferences – and sometimes this can be a challenge.

All web design should be based on the research, planning, personas and wireframing – it makes it so much more effective.

100% Bespoke build.

Any idiot can grab themselves a free WordPress theme, throw a website together for you and leave you wondering how you are going to manage it.

All our work is 100% bespoke – we plan what you need content and function-wise and we build that – both on the front and backend.

A large proportion of our projects involve rebuilding websites that were built badly in the first place.

If you’re commissioning a new site ALWAYS ask if you’re getting a coloured-in theme or a bespoke build. Bespoke will save your budget in the long run.





Website project:

CN Glass

Company website for CN Glass – manufacturers of custom glass products and high-end glass extensions.

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CN Glass

Premium hosting.

There’s no point putting time, money and effort into a new website and hosting it on a cheap-and-nasty server.

Most of us spend £40+ per month on a phone contract, we think that trying to host a website for £5 a month is madness.

We only recommend premium hosting for WordPress sites, and we like to look after ones we’ve built.

Ongoing support.

Getting your site live is 25% of what you need to be doing online.

We can help you with ongoing technical support, Search Engine Optimisation, Content generation, PPC, backlinks and everything else you need to get found and convert.

Our website projects don’t end with go live.



Website project:


Global corporate website – full bespoke WordPress theme, WooCommerce and HubSpot integration.

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Everything in-house.

We make a point of only taking on projects that we can complete 100% with our own team. This means no freelancers, outsourcing or off-shore developers.

Our websites are not ‘cheap’, but an initial enquiry and quote will cost you nothing.

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