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Welcome to the Toast blog.

As we’re a bunch of creative-types, we have an opinon on pretty much everything.

Our blog is a collection of posts and articles about all things design, marketing, strategy and web. We keep our agency blog updated regularily with fresh content, ideas, and answers to common design and marketing questions.

As a UK-based design agency, Toast can help you with all things creative across branding, print and digital, so if you’ve got a project coming up, we’d love to hear about it.

Luxury Brochure Design for brands

Here at Toast we have helped our clients sell everything from widgets to thingy-m-bobs but some of the very best luxury brochure design has been driven by prestigious brands…

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Inbound Marketing

Marketing technology trends

The height of Marketing Technology when I was a marketing junior was a nifty invention from Microsoft called Excel. It was the one place to record contacts details, leads from shows, and other prospect lists. If you wanted to track a contact from first connection to a valued customer you had to have a degree […]

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Review your Marketing Strategy

Inbound Marketing Strategy and Planning

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

Here at Toast/Inboundology we believe that strategy isn’t just important; its essential if you want to achieve the goals you have and hit the targets you’ve set. We combine a range of strategies from Marketing through to Sales & Business strategies to create an Inbound Marketing Strategy that is based on facts rather than desire.

Planning inbound
Icon design

Social media creates traffic, but inbound marketing makes the sale

Reading a recent article on “the Top 10 Social Media Marketing questions from Business Leaders”, the vast majority were still around the general area of “What do I do with it?”. Yet there seems to be a wonderful optimism in marketing that you complete your full set of social media sites and the cash starts rolling in. It’s like the Simpsons’ episode when Homer starts an internet business – a prospect comes in wanting help and Homer pauses a moment and says “Can I have some money now?”.

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Hubspot and WordPress

What is inbound marketing?

In trying to answer the question “What is Inbound Marketing”, it is so tempting to say that Inbound Marketing is the opposite of Outbound Marketing – but that is way too simplistic.

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creative inbound marketing

Creative Inbound marketing with full strategic support.

Toast are soon to become a UK-based Hubspot Partner. If you thought you knew how your marketing is working, think again…

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