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Once your site is live, it will need looking after.

Sitecare from Toast will make sure your site is in tip-top condition and keep it that way.

At Toast, we offer four different levels of support for your site. These are designed to be flexible enough to meet your needs as your website grows.

SiteCare Packages at a glance


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SiteCare 40

Perfect for smaller sites and personal blogs, SiteCare 40 is for you if you don’t plan on updating your site often.

It includes WordPress updates and eight support credits per year.

More about SiteCare 40


SiteCare 80

Designed for ‘brochure style’ websites that require more urgent attention should anything happen.

It includes WordPress updates and 18 support credits per year.

More about SiteCare 80


SiteCare 100

This is designed for websites that have regular visitors and are more critical to your operation.

If you are actively driving traffic to your site, this option is for you.

It includes weekly WordPress updates and 24 support credits per year.

More about SiteCare 100


SiteCare Unlimited

For larger corporate clients or mission-critical websites that need a customised support structure.

We’ll build a support plan and Service Level Agreement that’s right for your site and team.

More about SiteCare Unlimited

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Why is looking after your site important?

If we’ve designed and built your site, once your invoices are paid, the site is yours.

Toast hold no on-going ownership of your site or code – it’s yours. Unlike some web agencies who hold clients over a barrel with contracts and code ownership, we don’t.

The advantage to you

This means that you own your website, not us. If you’d like to do stuff to it you can, if you want to update all the software you can – there’s nothing to stop you doing so. 

You can even move it all to another web agency (if you really want to).

But you need to look after it

If something on the site breaks, or you can’t seem to get an image to work or you need to update the software, you’re going to have to do it yourself unless you have a support package.

Not all Toast clients have support packages with us, and we do offer ad-hoc support as needed via our support ticketing system.

The most important thing is to find out what works best for you and your site.

What is a ‘credit’

A credit is equal to up to 30 minutes of time to fix something on your site, change something or to provide general assistance (phone calls for example). Most issues can be completed using one credit. Occasionally, a request may use more than one credit, but we will advise in advance.

SiteCare credits are recorded as either full one-credit or half-credits, meaning the minimum credit usage per request is one-quarter of an hour.


If you’d like to add additional services to your website you can purchase them independently of the packages above. You can add services such as SEM Rush SEO (normally costs £149.00 per month) monitoring or Sucuri site security (normally £11 per month). Please get in touch for more details.

Ad-hoc Support options.

We also offer ad-hoc support outside of our Sitecare packages. If you do not have a Sitecare plan with Toast, these charges will apply. Response and turnaround times for ad-hoc support requests will vary depending on how busy the studio is.

Please note that ad-hoc support requests will not be prioritised and can take up to 5 working days.


Post-hack site clean: £240.00 ex

WordPress & Plugins update: £80.00 ex

Ad-hoc site tweaks: from £40.00 ex per 1/2 hour 

What do do next

If you would like to get SiteCare for your website, all you need to do is give us a call on 01295 266644 or get in touch via our contact form.

We’ll contact you to discuss what you need in more detail.

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