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We are brochure design experts - we'll create your new brochure - from concepts to delivery.

Need a brochure designing?

We’ve been providing Brochure design services for over 20 years and they remain one of our favourite types of project to work on.

Whatever business you’re in, a brochure is still an important part of your marketing toolkit, so it’s worth investing the time and budget to make it amazing.

Why do you need a brochure?

Everything seems to be digital and moving nowadays. We send billions of emails every day and engage with millions of websites, but you can’t take that home.

Sure, you can print a web page or screen grab an app, but it’s not quite the same as good old print on paper.

A brochure gives you something tactile and tangible that you can leave behind after a meeting or send out in the snail mail.

Well designed and written brochures still convert sales prospects, and it will show that you’re integrated into your marketing approach – you’re sending a potential client something of value that’s just for them – and this has brand value – which is why we still offer brochure design services.


Brochure design services

Thinking beyond the A4

We love using non-standard formats for brochures that make them stand out even more – it doesn’t have to be A4, it doesn’t have to be stapled – it doesn’t even have to be made of paper.

There are 1000s of ways a brochure can be designed to be different from the ‘norm’.

Avoiding cheap print and finishing will give your brochure the edge, keep it out of the recycling bin and on your prospect’s desk.

Making it work everywhere

Your brochure doesn’t just have to work in the real world. We can create digital versions of your brochure that are animated and interactive – including video and audio so your brochure design is truly multi-channel.

So what starts as a printed item can become a digital asset too that can be used on your website and in email marketing campaigns.

Our brochure design services cover every type of brochure you can think of – from small 4pp brochettes to large 100+ page reports – all of which can be digitised to work everywhere.

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