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Corporate style guide

Brand guidelines

Protect how your logo and branding is used with a corporate style guide.

Need brand guidelines?

So you’ve invested time and money in your corporate identity and branding – have you got Brand guidelines?

Your logos are now available for everyone in the company to use – do how do you stop ‘Bob in accounts’ from using Comic Sans when the corporate font is Proxima Nova?

You have Brand guidelines produced.

Why it’s important to lock-down your branding

It doesn’t matter what stage your business is at. Having Brand guidelines (or Brand style guide or Corporate Identity Guidelines) will help to make sure your brand is used consistently across all types of media.

We’ve been designing print and digital projects for over 20 years, and have seen pretty much every example of poorly implemented branding – simply down to not having a style guide.

As your branding touches every part of your business, it’s important to ensure it is used consistently.

You really don’t want ‘Bob in accounts’ setting the company strapline in 24pt Comic Sans – but if there’s nothing in place to say not to, then it’s a design free-for-all.

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What should a style guide cover?

This depends very much on the size and shape of your business.

A start-up might have a very simple version that outlines logo usage, fonts and colours. 

A large established company with lots of people using the brand might need something a lot more in-depth that covers off common layouts, image use, the tone of voice and brand values.

The important thing to remember is that if guidelines do not exist, it’s creative open-season on your branding.

How to create a style guide

We’re going to say this, but it’s best done by a qualified designer. Not Bob.

Toast can help you to develop and create your first style guide or evolve an existing one.

We’ll look at all the elements of your brand and suggest what needs defining and what can be left open.

The resulting document is as important as the rest of your branding – you’ve defined both what you are using and how you are using it.

Some examples of our work

Style guides Brand guidelines Style guide Brand guidelines

Creating Brand guidelines for existing brands

If you’ve already got logos and other creative collateral but don’t have a style guide, creating one can be a good reason to assess where you are and what you’re doing with your branding.

Our branding workshops can be used to this affect – we can facilitate an objective review of your branding, get everything into line and then create a style guide so you can move forward with your marketing, knowing your house is in order.

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