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Search Engine Optimisation

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We’ll improve your website to gain more search visibility, better click-through rates and higher conversions.

If you’re looking for an SEO agency to work on improving your website, we can help and show you the results. We understand that for many people, SEO can be some mysterious science that costs lots and delivers little; but as a website owner, you’ll know it’s definitely something you need to do.

Search engine optimisation can promise a lot; we think it often under delivers on return-on-investment.

If you’re currently paying for SEO, but are looking for a new agency, there’s probably a few reasons why. You might want to move to a new company because:

  • You are paying monthly for SEO, but not seeing any results
  • You’re not being shown what is working (and what isn’t)
  • The current agency just sends you a month Google Analytics report with no explanations
  • You seem to be chasing an exhaustive list of keywords that you don’t rank for
  • You’ve got zero data on matching visits to your site to keywords you are using
  • You’ve no conversion information to show you returns vs spend

Paying for nothing.

We think that far too many SEO agencies go after far too many keywords, and we know why.

If your agency has given you a list of 100s of keywords that they are going to optimise the site for, they can only spend a small amount of time per month on each one (unless you’re paying them a fortune).

Ultimately, this creates two issues:

  • None of the keywords will get the attention they need, and;
  • You’ll get huge reports showing little improvement month-on-month

But, and this is the important part; the SEO agency is doing its job. Because your list is so long, the only thing that can be done is small improvements over a long period of time.

The agency is then fulfilling its contract while getting you nowhere.

What makes our approach different?

Our SEO campaigns start with research and audits. Before we do any SEO whatsoever,  we make sure that you’re set up to succeed by testing your site and doing our homework. When you choose a keyword to rank for, this generates additional work, so you want to make sure everything that you’re build on has rock-solid foundations.

Website Audits

We’ll audit your site to check that it’s built well enough to optimise. If you are spending money on SEO for a site that is poorly built and very slow, you’re throwing money away.

To make sure your site is fit for purpose we:

  • Run a full site audit to check for errors in build and content
  • Review Usability to make sure the site is visitor-focussed
  • Test your servers to make sure they are fast
  • Identify any crawl issues that might block Google
  • Check your images to make sure they are optimised
  • Run checks to make sure your site is mobile-friendly
  • Landing pages and conversion capturing checks

Keyword Research, Market, Planning

We don’t guess at keywords. We’ll identify which ones we should use, and from these ones will bring the quickest returns – and that’s where we’ll start.

Our research includes:

  • Persona research and development – what searches are they making?
  • Competitor research – we’ll show you what they are doing
  • Market research – what language does you sector use?
  • Keyword reports – where you rank for what and how much traffic you get current
  • Important keywords – what should we go after first
  • Similar Keywords – identifying other types of phrases
  • Content planning

Get started.

If you’d like to find out more about our SEO services get in touch – we’ll start by giving you a free basic site audit and Keyword report on your site.