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Publication & Magazine design

Toast are experts when it comes to the design and art working of publications.

We’ve worked on a magazine or two; from high-end magazines to event guides.

We know how important it is to have a team of designers with a sharp eye for detail and the abilities to turn things around quickly and correctly.

Our experience in the publishing industry means that we understand the pressures our clients are under. The print deadline doesn’t move, but the copy may be out for editing, images might be ‘on the way over’ and flat plans might be in a state of flux. 

We know all about:

  • Production schedules: you’ll need us to work to your schedule, not ours
  • Content plans: they move as content and advertising space moves, you’ll need us to be able to react quickly
  • Content supply: will we get it all in one go? Not often, so you’ll need us to be able to work flexibly
  • Design and layout: Getting it right first time takes the pressure off
  • Editing: working directly with the design on the phone or face-to-face to get tweaks done real-time
  • Proofing: an extra pair of eyes on the copy to help spot those evasive typos
  • Art working: making sure it’s press-ready and good-to-go

With so many people usually involved in publishing a magazine, you need a creative partner that just gets the job done – not one that needs spoon feeding. Get in touch to find out more about how Toast can help make the whole process smoother!