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Current lockdown and its challenges. #remoteworking

The recent lockdown has meant a lot of us are experiencing working remotely from home.

Setting up computers and phones to allow you to create your own workspace is one thing but getting things done is a much bigger challenge.

If your current designers are unavailable or difficult to reach and work with you might want to consider expert remote working designers that are more suited to your needs.

Meetings, Calls and getting things done

Toast design is used to working remotely, based in Banbury in North Oxfordshire.

We have clients in all four corners of the United Kingdom and beyond, helping them to sell, advise, promote and educate to an even greater audience.

We have always advocated a common-sense approach to meetings, hosting or attending face to face to meetings to kick projects off, provide consultancy or just review and agree on the positive results of the work we have done.

The majority of our contact with clients is done on email, phone or via skype/hangout.

Effortless Project Management Built-in

Emails and phone calls are great, but they do have their limitations, that is why we use the latest in online tools to streamline project management, delivery and analysis including Basecamp, Trello, Harvest, not forgetting the ubiquitous Google, skype etc.

By tracking all changes, amends and discussions in basecamp it ensures that all jobs are auditable and multiple users are instantly updated with a project’s progress.

Delivering what you need and how you need it

The number of new channels now available to modern marketers is staggering and each one has its own specific requirements, for example, a banner for Facebook may not necessarily fit on LinkedIn, and vice versa.

Our remote working designers are familiar with most formatting requirements and experienced in delivering artwork suitable for multi-channel advertising campaigns.

New Thinking and New Solutions

Toast has always put its clients at the centre of what it does, building processes, systems and approaches around their specific needs and requirements. Recently, we have responded to a need that certain clients required, which was for a streamlined way of delivering high volumes of work on a monthly basis.

This lead to the creation of TDS, a proposition purely designed around those that require a monthly subscription approach to purchasing design.

If this appeals to you check out our dedicated site.

Check out TDS

Try something different

Toast is a full-service agency that has been helping clients achieve their communication goals since 1997. Many of our clients have been with us from the beginning and haven’t moved because they have not needed to, they have everything they need in one place.

Talk to Toast today about the challenges you face and we will help you overcome them and achieve your goals.

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