Creating a brand for a new product or service

New Product Development (NPD) is the lifeblood of company growth, whatever business or sector you operate in. 

Creating a new brand for products that broaden your offering and promote your organizations brand are essential for continued growth.

Are you entering a new market or creating a brand for a new product or service? You need a marketing agency you can trust at your side.

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Our experience.

Over the last 20 years, we have helped countless companies with their brand building process to create sparkling new brands and revive existing ones that may have lost their shine.

Whatever stage you are currently at with your brand lifecycle we can help. 

Below are just a few of the brands we’ve helped.

Brand Building Strategy from Scratch?

A great brand building example is how we helped create a brand, literally from the ground up, for The Open Oven Pizza Company, who when we met them was just Ian and Jon.

They had acquired space in the brand new services being built in Cornwall on the A30 and wanted the brand to play its part as soon as customers walked through the door.

We knew the space they had and where it was positioned in the new building, it would be right in front of people as they entered the services.

Therefore we wanted to ensure the brand was upfront and easily accessible to anyone walking through the door.

Design sketches

How did we create the brand experience?

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We crafted an image of what the cooking centre would look like and built the brand experience around that.

The end result was a brand identity that was as instantly friendly and welcoming and reflected the freshness and tastiness of the freshly oven cooked pizzas.

A brand you instantly associate with a taste and smell is one you will remember.

Food counter design

Was the client happy with the result?

“I was really impressed by the ability of the guys at Toast to take the information, ideas and dreams in my head and make them real as we spoke. To be involved in the creative process at this level was exactly what I needed to feel connected and committed to the creative solution and the brand it created”

Ian Humby
Director at The Open Oven Pizza Company

Restaurant branding example

Does your brand need a review?

All business brands need to be monitored and managed correctly to ensure they are working as they should and reflecting your core values as well as the hopes and aspirations of your customers.

If your brand strategy is not working quite as well as it should you should talk to us about reviewing & investigating your brand, challenging it and making sure it is running exactly as it should.

Everyone should be 100% confident in their brand.

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Open Oven Pizza Branding by Toast Design.

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