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Magazine design

Creating stylish and modern design layouts is something we love to do. Here are some concept layouts we have produced for a luxury architectural magazine.

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Choosing the right typeface is important as it should enhance the look and style of the magazine layout. Modern treatments of the positioning of the title and body text also enhance the design.

Modernism - Luxury architectural magazine design


High-end photography is paramount, great images will work for themselves and sell a product or lifestyle. Good magazine design then enhances this.


Selecting the correct format and finish can add the finishing touch that turns a good magazine to a great one. How is the audience going to view, read and handle the magazine. Are there any formats that would help with the interaction with the magazine. Are there any print finishes that add that extra wow factor.

Contemporary magazine design

Magazine designers

Whether you have a large or small readership, applying creative and stylish designs to your magazine layouts help captivate the audience, keeps things interesting and engages the reader.

New urbanism -  architectural magazine design New wave magazine design

Toast designers have worked on all types of magazines, helping to increase readership and advertising revenue. We work with small and large organisations, helping to modernise and inject some style back into publications.